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#masks4all Rossland - Your mask protects me. My mask protects you.

With the support of the Rossland Rotary Club, Mayor Kathy Moore and many physician residents, the Masks4all program launches today in Rossland. This initiative is to encourage people to wear masks in public and is seeking community volunteers to sew masks for public distribution.  

The Masks4all Rossland team is asking residents for their support:
1. Make a mask for yourself and your loved ones. 

    1. If you can sew, follow these instructions:

    2. If you can’t sew, follow these instructions:

2. Join the growing list of sewers who are making masks for everyone. Follow the instructions for sewers above and contact the Mayor who has volunteered to coordinate the initiative for Rossland sewers and for those who need masks -  

3. Join the newly created Facebook group: 
4. Donate to help provide supplies for seamstresses - 

Happy sewing!