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Where's Waldo?! Photo Scavenger Hunt

Day 1 of Youth Week and a $50 gift certificate is up for grabs. Open to all community members (not just youth)!

Where's Waldo?!?! 
Who can name the most correct locations?! Visit or insta: rossland_yan to see the 10 photos. 
The winner will receive a $50 gift certificate to the @flyingsteamshovel. If multiple people guess all locations correctly, then there will be a draw for the certificate. 
Send your numbered answers via DM on insta, Facebook or to
#rosslandbc #rossland 

@ Rossland, British Columbia


thanks for all submissions so far. you have until next friday,  may 8 to submit answers :) 

7 people have got all 10 correct so far! 2 more days to do the same :)