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the YAN is (carefully) re-opening

 The YAN will be doing a soft opening trial run this week over the following times: 

Tues, June 2: 2-5 pm

Weds, June 3: 12-5 pm

Thurs, June 4: 12-5 pm

This will be a chance for youth ages 11-18 to come in, cool off, grab an (individualized) snack, catch up with staff/each other, and hang out 2 m apart. There will be a limit of 8 youth in the space at a time. See below for further guidelines: 


YAN Soft Opening Guidelines

**There will continue to be an online/virtual programming presence for those youth not able to attend the space.**

Limits of Use

  • Youth and staff who have symptoms of a cold, flu, or COVID-19 with any coughing or sneezing present, will not be allowed to enter the space. 

  • There will be a limit of 10 people total (including staff) in the youth centre to maintain physical distancing protocols (see below for more info). 

  • Upon entry, youth will be required to wash their hands thoroughly. A hand sanitizing station will also be installed near the front door for frequent use. 

  • Youth will be briefed on these new guidelines when they enter the space. 


Physical Distancing

  • Youth and staff are required to maintain 2 m of space between each other while in the YAN space. 

  • Close greetings, for example hugs and handshakes, should be avoided and youth should be reminded to maintain 2 m of space whenever possible. 

  • Snacks will be individualized either in separate wrappers or personal bowls.

  • One student is to be at the laptop station at a time. 

  • Games requiring close contact (video games, board games, foosball) will be removed or disallowed.




  • Frequently touched surfaces- door knobs, tables, desks, etc- will be cleaned daily with Health Canada approved disinfectant. 

  • Laptops and ping pong table will be cleaned after each use. 

  • Bathroom will be cleaned/sanitized once per day with Health Canada approved disinfectant. 

  • The space will be thoroughly cleaned/disinfected once per day (all touched surfaces disinfected) by a YAN staff. 

  • The space will be thoroughly cleaned/disinfected once per week by a hired cleaner.