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Touch ~ Partner Thai Massage ~ Sat Aug 1st!

Sink in, Soften, & Release into Connection
In Studio & Live Stream Online

Together with a partner or friend you will explore your connection, deepen your listening, communication, and openness to give and receive. Through playful, grounded partner stretches and elementary thai massage, enjoy this practice of loving kindness through touch.

Perfect date night ~ great for those already close and those who are just getting to know each other! Cultivate a sense of authentic relating, strengthen communication and build trust while sinking in, relaxing and releasing into your bodies.

Our evening will include an opening circle with hot chai cocoa or chamomile rose tulsi, promoting warmth and heart connection.

I’m extra excited for this special evening to have a dear guest Marinna La offering sound healing and serenades to fill the space.

**No yoga or massage experience necessary**

Please bring your own matts, blankets and pillows to set up your own cozy zone on the floor in the studio (or in your own home if you choose to live stream)

We will be maintaining physical distance and upholding studio Covid Protocol to ensure a safe environment for all.

*there are limited in studio spots ~ let me know in your email if you will be joining in person or from home!*

Come with open minds & hearts.

Nourish yourself and your relationship

Saturday Aug 1st: 7-9pm
Price: 66$ for two
Register: email & send e-transfer

Town: Trail, BC