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Senior Tuesdays

Seniors' Tuesdays at the Rossland Museum! Attention Rossland seniors! Would you be interested in having a designated time to visit the Rossland Museum this winter? Feeling stir crazy and need a safe, interesting place to visit? Museum staff would like to open up the Museum to seniors only each Tuesday morning from 10am to 12pm. Why Tuesday morning? The Museum is closed on Sundays & Mondays and is deep cleaned on Mondays, so Tuesdays are the cleanest, most sanitized day at the Museum. Why the Museum? We have 6000 square feet of exhibition space, so physical distancing is quite easy. You're welcome to browse the exhibits, and we'll have special artifacts and photographs on display - mysteries that you can help us solve! We'll also always have coffee and tea for you. If you are interested in this or have comments or concerns, please call Sarah T at the Rossland Museum 250-362-7722 or email at Your health and safety is our top priority!