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Summer Job Opportunities with Camp Koolaree!

Job Posting!

Camp Koolaree is seeking:


Lifeguard July 5- August 8

40 hours/ week @ $15/hour

-Live on Site

-Room and Board included

-Supervise all water related activities

-Report to weekly camp directors for other duties

Cook July 4- August 8

40 hours/week @ $14/hour

-Live on-site

-Room and Board included

-Must have experience cooking for large groups of people

-Food Safe Certified

-Must have significant knowledge about Kitchen safety, cleanliness and organization

-Must be willing to report to a Supervisor

-Record Daily hours and specific descriptions of jobs completed


Assistant Cook July 4- August 8

40 hours/week @ $12/hour

-Live on-Site

-Food Safe

-Experience working in a kitchen setting

-Assist cook in preparing meals and cleaning the kitchen

-Will report to a Supervisor


Groundskeeper June 1- September 5

40 hours/week @ $11/hour (based on experience)

-Live on-site

-Boat License

-Drivers License

-Vehicle needed

-General Labor Experience

-Responsible for general maintenance of the property

-Heavy lifting


-Brush Clearing

-Tending to nightly campfires

-Keeping Washhouse clean and stocked

-Sweeping and Mopping Kitchen and dining hall each night

-Changing propane tanks

-Transport groups to and from McDonalds Landing

-Transport garbage out of camp

Assistant Groundskeeper July 5- August 8

40 hours/week @ $11/hour

-Live on-site

-Boat License

-General Labor Experience

-Must assist groundskeeper and work opposite days to relieve each other

-Run Second boat during Koolaree Camps upon arrival and departure


To apply please email by May 1, 2015

Town: Kaslo, BC