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Attention Enviro Educations and Eco Enthusiasts - BIO BLITZ at RSS

RSS will be hosting our 1st Annual Bio Blitz on May 23rd

Essentially the entire school will be participating in an all day Outdoor Education Expo.  We will be starting the morning off with Nature Scavenger Hunts and in the afternoon the students will be making their way through different stations put on by teachers, experts and volunteers where they will be learning about different elements of outdoor education - everything from invertebrates, to trees to our local watershed.

I would like to have a number of different booths set up that students can visit while they are on their breaks or not at a station, similar to a 'Farmer's Market' style. If you run a business, volunteer or know someone that might be interested let me know. This would be something for the students to explore throughout the day and learn some cool things about our Eco Community and what goes on here.

Here are some ideas:

-Bear aware

-Bee keeping


-Farm to Table

-Sustainable Energy



Please email me at

Thanks Rosslanders!

Laura Jackman

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