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Sharp Shop Premium Sharpening Services - Minor Small Engine Repairs

Get ready for spring and summer.  Sharp Shop can sharpen your lawnmower blade, garden tools, chainsaws and carbide saw blades along with all the other things that should have a sharp edge.

Do you have a manual reel type mower?  We can sharpen those as well.

We can also do minor repairs on small engines.  Is your mower running rough?  Did you snap your starter cord?  When was the last time you changed the oil in your mower, snowblower or rototiller?

Afternoon, evening and weekend service is available.  Just text or email to arrange a time.

Text or phone 250-231-2877 or email

One happy gardener... my mower now starts first pull... hooray! The old shovels are tuned up. Thanks Trent, for your good work and fast, friendly service.

Pickup and Drop off is available for both sharpening and small engine repair.