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ISO free pallets (or other rough wood boards)

I need some rough boards for a project, 1x size-ish. I figure I could use the boards from pallets, does anybody know where I can get my hands on a bunch? Or on any rough wood boards. They can be weathered, just not (too) smashed up or dirty.

I have some you can have.  25O 231 842I

I have some pretty cool old 1 x 5/6/7 I had been saving for a project at some point but I'm just wayyyy too busy to get round to it anytime soon so the space would be handy. it's all overlapping edges and various different paints. About 40 years old I'd guess. Let me know if you're interested and I'll drag it out. 250 521 3zero eight 5 Steve

Thanks for the replies! I think I have enough wood for my purpose now. I'll leave the ad up until I'm sure, though.

Thanks again.