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Teck Family Series: Motus O presents PETROUCHKA

November 12 2:00 to 3:00 pm

In this magical world there lives the Wizard and his three marionettes the handsome but cruel Strongman, the beautiful Ballerina and the unlikely hero Petrouchka. Petrouchka is in love with the Ballerina but his clumsy attempts to impress her takes him on an outrageous adventure that unfolds with no end of calamity. Join Petrouchka as he outwits the Strongman, tames a bear, dances with a feather, juggles bowling balls, goes fishing and avoids the anger of the Wizard and then in a spectacular finale saves the Ballerina’s life. Petrouchka may be small and awkward but his enthusiasm for life enchants us all. Performed to the original score by Igor Stravinsky, Petrouchka is the story of a little clown with a big heart.


The Teck Family Series is such a fantastic opportunity to do something entertaining and educational with your kids!  From music, to dance, theatre to science, we have it ALL!  Broaden your child’s education with the performing arts…you will get to move, groove, laugh and ponder while attending this family oriented season.  Affordable family rates and season packages make this series a must for your family!


Series Pass: $40 (Available July 16th)

Family of 4 Series Pass: $144 (Available July 16th)

Single Tickets: $15 (Available September 5th)




 2017/18 Teck Family Series includes:

RUPLOOPS October 15th 2PM (running time 60 minutes)

Motos O presents PETROUCHKA November 12th 2PM (running time 50 minutes)

RUMPLESTILTSKIN…AND OTHER TALES January 21st   2PM (running time 45 minutes plus talk back)

MR FISH April 15th 2PM (running time 60 minutes)


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Town: Trail, BC
Venue: The Bailey Theatre
Address: 1501 Cedar Ave