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30 Day Yoga Challenge at MMY (starts Sept. 11)

Sep 11 to Oct 10 12:00 am

30 Day Yoga Challenge 

We are running our first 30 day challenge at MMY!  We have a 30 day unlimited pass on sale for $95 (valid from Sept.11-Oct.11) for all of you who want to participate in this challenge. We will have a board up at the studio to track everyone's practices to see who can fit in the most yoga over the 30 days. Prizes will be given to the top 3 yogis who attend the most yoga classes. 

1st place: 1 month unlimited yoga + MMY 3/4 length shirt 
2nd place: 1 week unlimited yoga + MMY 3/4 length shirt 
3rd prize: 1 free drop in + Halfmoon Eye Pillow
For more information, see our website.
Town: Rossland, BC
Venue: Mindful Mountain Yoga
Address: 1990 Suite C Columbia Ave * Entrance on washington st