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DeLorme InReach Satellite Communicator for sale

  • A ruggedized, waterproof communications lifeline for anyone at work or play in remote locations (coverage everywhere)
  • No companion device required, works on its own as an SOS beacon with message delivery confirmation, for sending pre-loaded messages, and for GPS tracking with accuracy to within 5 meters
  • Pre-load up to three messages and send to cell phone and email contacts, or post to Facebook or Twitter
  • Pairs with DeLorme Earthmate PN-60w for fully interactive text messaging to/from email contacts, cell phones and emergency dispatchers, and for navigation using DeLorme maps

This model pairs with iOS iPhones, you need to download the Earthmate App and set up an account at to use the communications, tracking and emergency SOS functions.

Uses Iridium network - worldwide coverage possible. Great for hiking, backcountry skiing where there is no cell cover.

Fully operational. Have upgraded to newer model.

Selling for $200