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Local conference for caregivers of children with unique needs November 4th

November 4 8:15 am to 5:15 pm

Hello all. There are a couple of days left to sign up for this fantastic loacal resource for kids with unique needs. Some of these needs include sensory issues, intense behaviour and arousal, early trauma, etc. Though the conference is catered to higher needs kids, those who work with children will likely benefit from the material shared. Info below. They are just about at the critical numbers to make the conference happen so need your help to get over that line. A few more registrations would do it so if you are on the fence now would be the time to take the plunge and support this great local event.


Event Info:

Kindness and Courage: Resources & knowledge to help kids with higher needs

Attendance fee: $55 ($58.91 through Eventbrite for processing fees) and pls register by Oct 18/17 - 40 seats must be filled to hold this event - cash or EventBrite registration only (no cheques, sorry)- pls message me through Facebook directly if wanting to pay by cash



As a parent, I watch my daughter face the world each day with courage as she grows up as a child with Aspergers Syndrome. She is not a "neuro-typical" child. She has higher needs and I needed higher understanding. I have been blessed to see her slowly and increasingly grow into who she is meant to be. With that, I have learned from various professionals about her view of the world and how I can help see it with her. This workshop is parents and educators of our "spirited" rockstars, our "wild"'ones, our "silent thinkers", our "quiet geniuses", our "booksmart" young people. I wanted to bring this knowledge to a bigger audience so we can help our young people be supported and understood and ROCK their personal growth!

Whether your children are 6 or 16, our local esteemed speakers will provide insight into different perspectives and local resources available to help understand how we need to help and support children with higher needs especially around emotions and self-regulation and self-advocacy and all from people right here at home!

You may learn one thing or many things! This is a full day of learning, sharing, peer-connecting as we learn how to support our superheroes!

Light snack and lunch included (costs simply to cover event-related fees, attendance fee may decrease by event date and possibility of cost reimbursement for difference at or after the event.

Certificates provided for educators/EA's (and possibility of other local information resources via display table, info TBA)

Local Speakers featured:

>>Carey Lehman M.Ed., candidate Behaviour Consultant and Rebecca Oliver M.Ed.Behaviour Consultant: Okanagan Centre for Autism Intervention West Kootenay speaking to the approach of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) - techniques and strategies for ABA focus on the principles that explain how learning takes place. Positive reinforcement is one such principle.

>>Sean Larsen, BA(hons), MA, PhD Candidate Child and Youth Mental Health Clinician - sharing insights on emotional brain development, arousal, "freak outs" and how to better support children/youth when they are overwhelmed based on what we understand about the brain...

>>Tamsin Snodgrass, Paediatric Occupational Therapist and co-owner of Movin' Mountains Therapy Centre in Trail - will present: "Strategies & Strengths" - Morning routines, getting out the door, focusing at school, homework time, bedtime.... If these words generate an internal groan, know that you are not alone! Let's brainstorm strategies to help our kids be successful during challenging moments, and use the power of our words to re-affirm their strengths.

To meet our costs effectively, we require attendance of at least 40-50 people otherwise this event can't take place! Thanks for registering by October 18/17! Ticket deadline is October 30/17.

Our speakers are stoked and ready to share so we can parent or support with some strategies, tools and better understanding! Thank you for supporting local knowledge sharing and connecting we can network with and make more information possible to so many!

For more info you can also text me at 250-231-7971 with "Workshop" in the subject line

Town: Rossland, BC
Venue: St. Michaels Elementary