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Calling all parents and students who would like to see the the option of English Grade 8 at RSS remain

January 16 7:00 to 8:30 pm

January 16  @ 7pm:  Meeting For current Grade 7 Parents and/or Students of RSS

Mr. Kinghorn will be facilitating a discusssion for all parents, and/or students that are interested in maintaining the option of English Grade 8 and potentially Grade 9’s at RSS. It is a gift to be able to attend school with in your own community, especially our School, with our smaller class sizes and talented educators who really get to know our young people. Not to mention using our beautiful mountain town as our outdoor classroom and playground!! . We need your voice in determing what unique opportunities we currently have, and the new ones that we have been working on. Come and be part of the dicscussion. We will meet in the auditorium.