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Looking For: Shelving, Grow Lights, Fans, Grow Setups

Hi! We're in need of the following, and are willing to pay you for stuff that is in good condition:

Shelving - pretty much any size, needs to be able to have grow lights fixed to it. Can be wood, or super epic points if you have some of that awesome metal shelving.

Grow Lights - do you have any kind of lights for growing you're not using? We're open and flexible to type and size.

Grow Setups - do you have an existing grow setup you aren't using? We'd be keen to check it out!!

Fans - we are in need of 1-4 fans, can be floor fans or the smaller kind, doesn't matter. Just need to work, preferrably not too noisy, haha.

Thanks! Please reach out by email, best way to reach us.


Bump, got some grow equipment?