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Bhubble needs support!

Bhubble has been running for over 12 years as a labour of love with just a few paid ads to keep it afloat, but we haven't had any ads in a while and Bhubble needs some revenue to pay the bills! Please support Bhubble by advertising your business here or if you are not a business owner but someone who has benefited from Bhubble in any manner of ways, please contribute today via e-transfer or PayPal to keep it going and show how much you love this service. I know a lot of you out there have bought or sold a house or vehicle or found a nanny or got rid of your old gear on Bhubble - how much $$ did that save you? Just sayin' ;-)

Please use for e-transfers or PayPal

Your support is greatly appreciated and won't go unnoticed. The more support we get, the more we know we are loved and will keep going with Bhubble, there are a few things that could really use some work and I am planning to come out with a fresh new platform that looks great on all devices in the future but I need to know how much you treasure Bhubble now, please show me the love!

Alynn McKenzie Smith
Bhubble Admin


Thank you Alynn for keep Bhubble going for over 12 years.  Just sent $20.

If you find yourself using Bhubble frequlently, how about donating $5 (or more), the cost of a coffee...

A few of the items we have purchased, sold, given away, and received for free on Bhubble:

Sold 2 cars

Purcahsed and sold bikes

Received for free roofing for kids play house (the guy even delivered it)

Baby parifanlia sold off as kids got older

Purchase and sold skis

Given drywall away

Hockey gear purchased

Given furnature away

It goes on and on and on......


done! Thanks Alynn. Please keep it going. 

You guys are awesome, thank you thank you so much! I love hearing about how Bhubble has been positive for you as well! It warms my heart ❤️ -Alynn

Will definitely give my support.  You're awesome and such a benefit to the community.

Done (sent a PayPal transfer) Thank you! Bought and sold many things on Bhubble (renovation supplies, chariot, skis, guitar, clothes and mI have more I am probably missing) Has been the best place to clear kids stuff and subsequently purchase the next kids items needed.  Thank you Alynn!


I'm in. Have benefited from the use of Bhubble MANY times. 

Been here 2.5 years and Bhubble helped us set up home!  For sure can help out  thanks Alynn 

I'm in. Thanks Bhubble!

Alynn you are the BEST!

The farmers' market will purchase an advertisement a few times this summer instead of posting on bhubble all the time!

Bhubble's great!

To be honest I think you should have business accounts that pay a yearly subscription fee and still have the general public accounts be free. Businesses like Red Mountain, the Josie and others are always posting events etc and can afford to pay a yearly subscription fee. Perhaps as an added incentive, the business accounts could have more functionality, larger posts etc. Another thing that would be great is to have people use their real names to try and keep things more civil. Facebook and LinkedIn logins would help with that.

We use Bhubble a lot and would really love to see it continue :) I've donated some money to help sustain this amazing community resource.

You all are warming my heart, thank you so much! So far 13 people have generously contributed, adding up to $285 and 3 new sponsored ads are in the works. I appreciate you all for this and for making Bhubble so great all these years, you are the ones that are providing the content!

One thing that I am planning to work on greatly improving is the events calendar - it's so great that Red Mountain, the Josie, the Arts Council and so many others are putting their events in the calendar.

I have considered using Facebook, Google etc for logging in but I know that lots of my friends don't use those services and I want everyone to feel welcome on Bhubble. Also, I could use Google Ads here but I don't like the idea of Google making a profit from our little town. Lots to think about! If you have any more ideas, anyone out there, throw them my way, I would love to hear them!

Severin Built Ltd. ad is coming your way asap!

Done.  Thank you Alynn.  Bhubble is a geat service for Rossland.

I agree with Darren-E about businesses paying for their classified ads. Even $10 per would ad up quickly. I know the Grind would have no problem doing that, when we advertise for staff etc. Thanks Alynn!


It's a great platform for a form of recycling (sales!) and knowing what's up in town, thx so much.  please don't change or update it too much, it's very very good as it is -- and please remember how much non-profit organizations depend on the events platform.  THX thx thx

Transferred $$ in support

Okay, I totally hear you about charging businesses for listings. I did create a free business directory a while ago with the plan of offering more services and expanding that, but life got in the way a bit, to say the least. I will be putting some thought into that now, for sure. If you are a business in Rossland, please get your business listing going here on Bhubble and I will work on more awesome features!

I would think if someone pays for a "premium" listing it should stick to the top of the list for that day, perhaps, or maybe be in a larger font or something... hmm...

What about starting a Go Fund Me campaign?  They appear to be wildly successful in this community and spread like wildfire across FB.  I hate that they may take a small percentage but it may be worth it - people seem to be quite comfortable with the ease and visibility of their donation process.  Just a thought!

Bhubble is the heart of Rossland! I can't count how many ways it has connected me to new people in my community while helping me recycle my home goods. Donation done:)

we love you Bhubble!!

I'm feeling the love! THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone for your support, I really appreciate it!

23 people have sent a contribution and we now have lots of ads in the works, so please click on the ads and show your support to our supporters! A special note to our longest standing advertising support REVOLUTION CYCLES who have been advertising on Bhubble for over 5 years - what a great Rossland business to support! 

I love Bhubble!! Such an amazing community connection tool. How can I pay for advertising and support more people? Would love to show my thanks as well