Info on Covid vaccines available through pharmacies

Hi all,

I was one of the lucky folks who heard about some Astra Zeneca vaccines available at Pharmasave in Castlegar last week. I'm sort of shocked that all the teachers and front line workers haven't been vaccinated yet I can get an appt to get my vaccine! I called around to all the local pharmacies today and thought I'd share what I learned as I don't think there is any one spot to get info on these pharmacy vaccines and I'd really like to see all our essential workers getting vaccinated first!

Alpine Pharmacy: Doesn't qualify, won't be getting vaccines

Shoppers, Trail : No vaccines yet....

Pharmasave, Trail: No vaccines yet....

Shoppers, Castlegar: got doses of AStra Zeneca late last week but they are all booked up. Keep your eyes out for more! you can register online with them to be alerted when there are more doses however she said that the system broke down today so best to just call them. Also, they have waitlist for cancellations etc. 

Pharmasave, Castlegar: Got 200 doses on Thursday but all appts are booked. I imagine they have a waitlist as well but line was busy no I'm not sure on that. You can check on and it should be? posted on there when more appts are available.

Salmo Pharmacy: they are an eligible pharmacy but don't have any doses yet. 

That's it! Hope it helps. You can also register online through public health ofcourse but I wanted to share what I've learned about this alternative avenue to getting vaccinated:) Happy Monday!

Just got my AZ at Safeway Castlegar. Don't see that on your list. I booked a specific time slot on the website last Friday. They are fully booked but they told me during my appointment that they are getting cancellations and to keep an eye on the website for open time slots.

This lists the pharmacies in the area offering the vaccine.

As a service provider in town I signed up on Friday as soon as I heard about Shoppers in Castlegar. Just got poked today at 11 with Astra Zenica. The Pharmacist told me she's seeing a ton of Rossland folks. 

Some of them say a waitlist but I phoned and got in on the same day.