KELTY CAR/SUV Camping Shelter $ 50 NEVER USED

Kelty Car Tarp - Kelty Car Tarp Camping Shelter - Don't go to that weekend-long summer music festival without the Kelty Car Tarp. This easy-to-use, versatile shelter gives you shade when the noonday sun is beating down on you. The Car Tarp attaches to your vehicle, and three DAC fiberglass poles prop it up. Place your guylines where you want them and line length adjusts so you have no slack. Should the weather turn rainy, this three-season Kelty shelter will help keep you dry, too. For use with a vehicle or structure, the Kelty Car Tarp is a simple, versatile, high value shelter that provides the right amount of protection.

 $ 50 NEVER USED. TEXT 250-231-3244