Looking for long term rental in Rossland

Hello Rossland,

I am a mature (50+) financially stable, working professional that currently lives here in Rossland.

My landlords are returning to Rossland in November, so I need to find a new place to call home.

I do have a roomate, also known as a munchkin cat - He's hypoallergenic, well behaved and strictly indoors because he's really short and can't jump up or climb anything to save himself, nor can he hunt unless it runs into his mouth! 

I work remotely, so I need a space large enough to set up my home office that's not off the foot of my bed.

I also have furniture (currently in storage), so unfurnished would be preferred, or my things can remain in storage if your place is furnished.

I have owned several houses and have been a landlord myself, so I can assure you that your house will be well cared for inside and out, and I am very respectful as well.

I'd be happy to provide references and credit check if needed.

The option to purchase a house is there also if the price/house is right.

Thank you for reading my story :)



780-eight 93-six918



Still looking :(