Counselling available - TECK coverage increased to $2500 a person

Hello Rossland,

As we transition into fall, back to school, and get steady in our work rhythms again, sometimes unexpected stuff can come up. The kids not getting along, new peers at school causing diffculties, a different teacher that your child doesn't understand. As adults we might be struggling with new work expectations, different social experiences, the looming presence of seasonal affective disorder, or ongoing interpersonal/emotional struggles.  Of course the continued isolation and changing fears around the pandemic continue to impact everyone as well.

I am happy to provide support for these issues and more. If you work at TECK they recently increased their mental health coverage to $2500 a person. I'm happy TECK has taken this proactoive step in improving their employees and their families access to mental health support. As a clinical counsellor I provide services that are covered.

During the pandemic, I am offering virtual and phone appointments, but for those who require or would prefer in-person sessions I am accommodating those as well. Most extended health-care plans cover counselling - Blue cross, green shield, Sunlife, Canada life, etc.

If you would like to book in, or to learn more about me, I invite you to check out my website:, call the office at 250-362-5035, or email

Thank you,

Gabriel Roy-Wright, MC, CCCQ