Free King Size Endy Mattress

We bought an Endy matress 2 months ago and it is not working out for my body (it is a firmer matress). Endy has a free return policy within 100 nights, where Endy tries to find a place locally to donate the item to during a return. In our case Endy could not find anyone to come and pick up the mattress. I volunteered to deliver it somewhere and they gave me the alternative of finding a location on my own and returning my money in good faith. I have called around to all of the donation places in our area, including Nelson, and was told due to the size (King size) of the bed no one would take it. This leaves me with a matress I am not in use of and nowhere to take it. My solution is to find someone in need of such a matress locally and persuade them to donate $100 or so to a local charity of their choosing once they have become content with the mattress.

Please reach out if you have any interest in the matress or might know of an organization that might be willig to take it.



Hello Adam, if it’s a firm mattress it could work for us. I’m willing to take you up on that offer. Let me know - Johann(2509216264)

If the previous person doesn't take it, we'll be happy to grab it! I can be reached at 250 231 9959 text or call! 

Hi Adam, I am also happy to take you up on this. 403 923 7502

Johann is coming to pick it up tomorrow evening. He has stated that he needs a firm mattress so if this mattress is not firm enough he will contact the next person (S-n-T) about it in the near future. Stay tuned!!

Sounds good!