ISO- Looking for a winter rental November to April (the dog on the picture is not coming with us)

Hello! My partner and I are looking for a rental from mid-November to April as we will be working in Rossland this winter. We just need 1 bedroom and a kitchen, furnished preferably. We are quiet people and very clean, we are just so excited to come work in Rossland and call it home for a few months. We are already hired so I would be pleased to show offer letters and other references to your liking.

Thank you all so much! 

Judith & Michael (sadly our dog will not be coming with us)


Do you happen to have a photo of the two of you without your sweet dog? Folks may not likely read to the bottom if they do not offer pet friendly accommodations. 

Best of luck and wishing you a great season in Rossland!!

Yes thank you for telling me!

I appreciate it :)

Give Dina a call at 250 364 2000.