Looking to Park & Live in our 5th Wheel All Year Round

We have purchased a 42' 5th Wheel and looking for a place to park & live in it all year round.  We would love to stay in Rossland, especially so my son can finish his last year Grade 9) at Rossland Summit School for the 2021/2022 school year.  Does anyone know if there is any place in the Rossland area where we could park and live in our trailer all year round?  Thank you in advance.

Yes at The Block

I have tried the Block.  As per one of the owners, the group of owners had a discussion and they are not renting any of the RV spots that are vacant right now.   They are leaving those spots open in case of the person/persons who have or will be buying The Block if they want to use those spots.  Ever other place I have checked is full.  The place we are at now they are shutting off the electricity and water off on October 1st.

awe shoot!
there's no other place in rossland you can park and live in your trailer. Have uou looke in surrounding areas?


Yes I have called all the places that are all year round and they are full.

Did you check Country Hideaway just this side of Grand Forks?  I know they some have year round spots that they rent out.  May be too far away but thought I would throw it out there in case that helps.  

Grand Forks is too far out for me, especially since I work in Castlegar and my boys go to School in Rossland and Trail, but thank you for the suggestion, it is greatly appreciated.