Looking for old SNS Profil bindings

Looking for old SNS Profil bindings, bonus points for the X-ADV version. Not looking to spend much as it's for a project that may not work. I'm going to try to put xc ski bindings on my snowshoes.

Please let me know if you have any old bindings gathering dust. Text 506-260-756zero



Feel free to post the results from your experiment on Bhubble here! Seems like an XC pivot point is pretty far fwd compare to a snowshoe, and I'm wondering how you will translate the lateral stability from the wide snowshoe frame to the comparatively narrow XC binding. Curious to see the results! 

I think I have some you can have. Will check the workshop tomorrow evening. 

Ben, thanks very much for the offer but I managed to find a pair from someone else tonight. Rossland is very generous!

Hevvy Evvy, I will update with my results. Thanks for your comment, it made me think. I may try to create a slot at the snowshoe plate/binding attachment point so I can move it to find the best position.