What does an arrow on the store floor mean?

I thought it meant follow the arrow as I am from the old school. So today at WalMart, I found out that 75%, who I guess were from the new school, walk toward the arrow. Should I  go back to night school to get re educated.

You went to Walmart.  What did you expect. 

You're comaining about your experience shopping at Walmart? It's Walmart. Don't support them to begin with. 

Aren't the arrows just a leftover from earlier when it was deemed more important to have them? I think they just got left from then, and since  the rules no longer require such strict "one way only" rules, we are free to to roam Walmart (or any other store) to our heart's content...most of the other stores no longer have them or even signs that we should only go one way down the aisles....perhaps the only thing Walmart is guilty of is not cleaning up after themselves?