Rossland's Storefront Farm' Market OPEN Six Days A Week! Click Here to Learn More!!

Welcome to the Rooted Table Collective, Rossland's storefront farmers' market open six days a week!

The Rooted Table Co. is the culmination of 10 years of work around local food production within our community. The owners spent 7 years managing the old Rossland Mountain Market where they learned from the community that more convenient access to local food was needed. The owners of the Rooted Table Co. are also the owners of Happy Hills Farm and Flourish MicroFarm, Rosslands two local veggie farms that have been feeding Rossland and the surrounding area for more than 5 years. 

Through their work with the farmers' market and their two farms, the owners came to realize that Rossland needed better access to local food and farm products..... so through a lot of hard work, dedication and commitment came the Rooted Table Collective!

The Rooted Table Collective is now home to more than 30 local British Columbia farms products. It is our belief at the Rooted Table that local farms are the future, and now more than ever we need to turn inwards and source our food and farm goods locally. We are constantly trying to do better, make improvements and bring you even more from our Collective of amazing farmers. 

At the Rooted Table you can find (seasonally):

~ fresh vegetables, herbs, fruit and mushrooms

~ meat, cheese, eggs and honey

~ local flower bouquets

~ farmcrafted preserves of all delicious kinds

~ farmcrafted products for your home (soaps, candles, wreaths, and more!)

~ garden supply items


We are committed to being Rossland's consistent source for farm direct food and goods, all of which comes from farms that share our values when it comes to farming practices - - which means, all of our farms put the environment first in all that they do. We only carry products from farms that are certified organic, certified naturally grown, spray-free, and chemical-free. The reason for this is because we want the best for you, the best for our community and the best for our environment.


So come for a visit, make us a weekly stop on your downtown shopping route! We promise you won't be disappointed! Not only will you be choosing healthier food, you'll be directly supporting British Columbia farmers, and therefore, choosing to shop in such a way as to support a healthier environment. What an incredible win for all of us!


You can find us at 2140 Columbia Avenue, right beside our amazing library. 

We are open SIX days per week, every week!! Tuesdays through Sundays from 12:00 - 5:30 pm.

We can't wait to feed you!!!


Open Today!

Eat local today! 

Cherries!! Certified organic from a great BC farm.

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Open today!

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We are stocked with amazing local food - Rossland grown and produced, and lots from other British Columbia farmers. Support local and invest in your community! We can't wait to feed you!

Eat local with The Rooted Table!

Open today!!

Local food is the best food :)