WHY Resources Mine Opposition

In regards to the permit application that WHY resources has put into the Province. Sara Golling had a really good write up in the telegraph the other day recapping the discussions that took place at the open houses. If anyone has interest in voicing their opposition to the application in a constructive manner, I'm including the exerpt from Sara's article where she includes the Ministry's contact info. 


Local residents should be aware that voicing opinions and asking questions at the recent public meetings hosted by WHY will not affect the review process – to have an effect, your factual statements, opinions and questions must go to Ministry staff.  There will be a 30-day Public Consultation Period when public input will be accepted, and that will be announced.

Katherine Wagar is the senior Ministry staff member working on the permit application.  She will see public input that is submitted during the official Public Consultation, but has also indicated that she is willing to receive input before that begins.  Her mailing address is:

Katherine Wagar, P.Ag

Regional Director, South East (Kootenay Boundary)

Ministry of Energy, Mines and Low Carbon Innovations

202 100 N Cranbrook Street

Cranbrook, BC

                           Email:  Kathie.wagar@gov.bc.ca

We urge people submitting information and opinions to Wagar to ensure that your letters and messages are accurate, reasonably brief, and polite.