When is my recyclig???/

Just trying to figure out the never ending saga of garbage and recycling in upper rossland, according to the calender on the city site, mine is today.....any accuracy to this?


The Recycle BC app is kept up to date and is quite helpful

Agreed the Recycling app is helpful. You input your address and it keeps you up to date with changes. It gave us a notification to say that our recycling in upper Rossland near the skate park will be collected on Friday this week. It's been Friday the past few weeks but our original recycling day is Wednesdays so that could be the case with you too LD. 


The Recycle BC app has been utterly useless to me. It always shows as having no information for my location, just off Columbia Ave within two blocks of the downtown core.

This whole process is for the birds.... cant put my recycling out till i check the app! Just pick the d@m stuff up the day they are supposed to! The only way i can ensure it goes it to take it to mckelve land fill, 

Call me frustrated!!!

Would it help to know that the app can alert you? It sends updates - for example there was a notification when the day changed. And you can set it to remind you the morning of pickup. So you don't have to check it, it tells you. And you can always check it if you like. It's better than nothing. 

TD, the app has no information for my location. None. Zip. Zilch.

I would expect that the calendar function would show upcoming pickup dates, correct? It is a blank page with my address at the top and the options of Calendar, Depots, Wizard, and More at the bottom.

Unsurprisingly, when I put my address in to the Recyclebc.ca website, the message I get;


Recycle BC does not directly deliver curbside recycling service in your area. Please check with your municipal government about your recycling options.

You can take your packaging and printed paper to an Recycle BC depot for recycling. Your nearest depots are listed below.




GFL Environmental: 1-866-596-5444 or csrtrail@gflenv.com 

Recycle BC: 1-855-875-3596 or info@recyclebc.ca


@RSmith - I have the same situation with my address. So far, I have found their customer service to be excellent, and they have been great about trying to absolve issues with missed pickups. I understand your frustration, and I too, hope there can be more predictable service in the future. Hope calling the number above sets you up with someone who can help!

First world problems hey.....What a tough life we have here in Cadada!

Yes tough life here in Canada. Especially in Rossland...

I'm surprised there's no vineyards in Rossland. Considering how much whining there is. 

The garbage issue might be a first world problem but that is beside the point. When you pay taxes for services, you should be getting those services, at least in a timely manner. There seems to be a breakdown of services in many sectors these days, no wonder people are frustrated.