SOLD - Vokl Aura Skis 170 cm

A really nice all-mountain ski for advanced to expert women rippers (although I don't know why men who are secure in their masculinity couldn't ski them!) The Vokl Aura are at their very best off-piste and in soft snow like powder or corn snow. They will ski groomers and everything else well, with the possible exception of neck-deep heliski powder or very hard pack or boiler-plate ice.

These are in very good condition – newly waxed and tuned.

•Length: 170 CM

•Tip/Tail/Waist: 131-94-114 (requires brake width of 95MM to 110 MM)

•Turning radius for 170 cm = 21.1m

•Softer flex for soft snow

•Partial twin tip: the tail is turned up also, but not as much as the tip, so you can ski backwards out of tight spaces. (The skis are mainly designed to ski forward.)

Come with Marker bindings. Depending on the size of your foot, they may fit; or you might need to re-mount; or replace with your favorite binding.

More info: 

$75. Call or text 250-512-seven four zero five.



Good ski, good deal.

Tip/Tail/Waist is 131-94-114. So ninety-four at the waist.

Skis are SOLD. Thanks, Bhubble!