Letter Template + Petition Against the Open-Pit Mine application 7.5km from Rossland

There was a huge turnout to the community open-house discussions held last week about the proposed Open-Pit Mine just 7.5km from Rossland, and right next door to Sheep Creek and Paterson. The ore would be hauled through Warfield and Trail as well.

The list of concerns about this mine are very long (a few are listed below the links) and many of us were in strong opposition to it. The BEST way to make our voices heard is to contact our MLA, the Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy, and other government officials. There is a great resource list of people to email below (thank-you to the people that created it.)


Letter Template + List of Government Officials to Email:



Petition against the proposed Open-Pit Mine at Record Ridge:



Please share the links with friends and family as well so we can have as many people as possible involved to help.


Concerns about the proposed mine:


  • Negative impact on the water supply (when the mining is active and potentially for many, many years to come)

  • Health risks: Asbestos has been found on-site in small amounts, though any exposure to asbestos (which will be disturbed and potentially airborne from mining) is a serious health hazard.

  • Economic impact and the Seven Summits Trail: there's a high likelihood that an open-pit mine (which goes right through the Seven Summits) would negatively impact tourism, which is an incredibly important part of our town's economy

  • It's on the traditional unceded land of the Sinixt, who's leader has clearly spoken that they do NOT want this mine to go ahead

  • Record Ridge is home to a sensitive and diverse ecological landscape, with endagered plant life that would be affected by the mine

  • Increased traffic (large trucks going through town an average of every 6 minutes, 12 hours a day, 7 days a week) along the Cascade highway which was not built at all for this, dust from the mining, as well as noise pollution from the blasting and equipment.


The list goes on and on, have a read of the letter to better understand what's at stake. THANK-YOU to those that took the time to write it! I'm just spreading the word on it.


I encourage everyone who has concerns and/or who is opposed to this mine to write to the list of government officials listed here! This initial application is for 2 years though in reality WHY resources plans to run this mine for 20 years.


While our town was built on mining, it's been nearly 100 years since the last mine was closed. We have shifted our local economy to be based on tourism. I'm very concerned of the negative impact this mine would have on our health, the environment, our economy, and the significance of the Record Ridge area to the Sinixit people.


Let's get sending letters to the people who will be making the decisions on this proposed open-pit mine!


Town: Trail, BC