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2040 movie fundraiser (watch from home)

Sep 24 to Oct 1 12:00 am

Join us to watch an inspiring movie about climate solutions existing around the world.

Make a donation of $6+ and receive the link to stream the new award winning international movie 2040. This inspirational and positive movie projects the world in 20 years time, based on all of the climate solutions existing today. Leave your living room theatre feeling uplifted, amped up and ready to play a part in shaping a better future for our families and future generations to come.
Tickets are available now and proceeds will go towards the EcoSociety’s Renewable Kootenays Campaign. Make a difference by watching 2040 with us, and joining our community discussion on October 1st at 7pm hosted by the Citizens Climate Lobby and EcoSociety after the viewing!

Town: Trail, BC