Advertise on Bhubble

Advertising on Bhubble is the best way to reach the "locals" in Rossland. We get, on average, 1000 users every day visiting the site and 2500 unique visitors every week. In the last week (Jan 31 - Feb 6, 2022) we had over 51,000 pageviews, which is phenomenal for a small town website. Your ad will be displayed to our viewers at least once during their visit to the website. Supporting this well-loved community resource looks great for your business!

This is for an ad like the ones you see to the right of this page --->
these ads appear on every page of the site either down the right hand side or across the feed on the home page.

I am working to make Bhubble better for everyone. Feedback is greatly appreciated and all prices subject to change, so sign up today! 

Monthly (3+ months either paid via monthly subscription or paid in full up front)
$100 / month  - your ad seen every day by ~1000 users

Monthly (1 month only)
$120 / month  - your ad seen every day by ~1000 users

Weekly (7 days)
$40  - every week we get roughly 2500 unique visitors

I am happy to set up the ad for you, please send me an email and we can get started.