Terese Bowors, Cannabis Wellness Coach


Have you been hearing your best friend, mom, grandma or sister talking about cannabis and cbd?

Are you curious? 

What is all the talk about? 

Do I have to get high?

Is cannabis really for someone like me? 

Will I become a pot head?

What will people think of me smoking cannabis?


Let’s do this together


Looking after ourselves takes time and effort and I’m here... to navigate your healing journey together with you while exploring the use of cannabis.


Hi friend, I’m Terese and I’m a Cannabis Wellness Coach and Educator. 

My specialties are:

Working with women who want to find a new way to manage chronic pain, insomnia, and/or anxiety. We can live a fuller life and infuse more energy and joy into this journey when we have the right tools. 


“I don’t know how women do life without Cannabis”


~ Terese Bowors


British Columbia
V1L 7C3