Blasting in lower Rossland

I'm wondering how other people feel about the contractor blasting at the bottom of the Davis St hill . The constant noise has been horrific. A person cannot sit outside, garden , read or anything, without wearing hearing protection . It's really been hard on the ears. The noise started 3 months ago . Not once has the owner been over to update us . It's been a very tough summer , with the 2 cycle motorcycles on the weekend , Covid and now an excavator dropping huge rocks into a bucket . Anyone else feel this way ? 

I totally feel like it's been a hard year but with bylaws they way the are, new construction doesnt need to let neighbours know about their work.  It's not the best way to enter a neighbourhood....but I'm sure the house will look fantastic in the end.  

It's awful.  I agree.  What you would except from a company that is low quality.  

Really?  I live a couple houses down, not a big deal.