Update on the Loose Dog on Thompson

Hey everyone!


I wanted to give an update on Sully. By "aggressive dog", I really meant aggressive in THAT moment. Sully and her owner came to visit my family today and both were very sweet and respectful. She wasn't aggressive at all, and she actually approached me and sniffed me and let me give her some pets. I think when she isn't accompanied by her trusted companions, she is scared and that's why she is so reactive. I hope the community won't be fearful to approach Sully when they see her out for a walk with Kailey!  I didn't mean to create fear around Sully as a whole, I just wanted people to look out for her as she was frightened and reactive. I've attached the photo here so we all know which dog I'm talking about. I hope as a community we can be understanding of people's situations and we can continue to approach Kailey and Sully in a friendly manner. Thank you everyone who tried to give Kailey advice and words of encouragement on the last post and proving that Rosslanders are dog lovers and good neighbours!!


Sully is a beautiful dog. Kailey is an amazing dog owner.

Not sure your update is necessary...there is no need to keep these lovelies in the spotlight.

Kailey actually expressed her concern about my previous post and said she had worries about the community seeing Sully as an aggressive dog. I made this post with her permission as an effort to show the community that Sully and Kailey are great and that no one should be fearful of them when they are out and about! I understand where you're coming from, but this was a post made due to the concerns she brought to me and it was made after mutually agreeing to it.

This whole interaction has been a great example to us all of how to resolve issues in a respectful and supportive manner - and it takes effort on both sides. Well done to you all.

I'm with SPortz on this.  Well done.