where is the discussion about Kathy Moores trip? Did the admin take it down and if so WHY?

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    What happened to the days when Bhubble was all about dog poop, oh right, that conversation has now moved to Rossland Talks. Submitted by SJK on Thu, 29/04/2021 - 9:28pm. I will be writing the mayor but the community is welcome to know my option here on bubble.



    This post is gone, just wondering why? Should our mayor not lead by example and why can citizens not discuss this?


She's lucky visiting family was essential for her, some of us haven't been able to visit family in other parts of Canada since early 2020, as it has not been considered an essential reason for travel. Lead by example or entitlement? Not wonder people don't want to follow provincial guidelines when our leadership doesn't have the same set of rules. She could have gotten vaccinated here as well. 

Please remove this thread.  The mayor has addressed this issue publically.  

...and that means it can't be talked about? Regardless of anyone's opinion about the Mayor's actions, the heavy supression of this on Bhubble and on Facebook is definetely interesting.

Is the news article considered addressing it publically or is there something else? The rationale in the article doesn't show that it even reasonably met the criteria for essential travel.  

I did not remove the previous post, the original author must have deleted it as they are allowed to do so here on Bhubble. I don't see any reason to delete this post at this time. I believe it's important to hear all sides of a story, and ask that everyone keep comments respectful and constructive. 

My sense from the article that "New Phone Who Dis" linked to, is that Mayor Moore is asking for understanding. Does that mean she is apologizing and asking forgiveness? It's up to each of us to decide how to respond to that - I can understand that some people would be willing to let this go and other people feel its unfair. It's not my place to stop people from saying how the Mayor's actions affect them. Just keep it civil everyone - no swearing, no threats, no need to be vicious or I will have to censor, which I don't like to do. 

I believe in our society there is a place for opposition, keeping our leaders in check and open conversation.

Bhubble Admin

Thanks for clarifying Admin!

Seems especially hypocrytical given mere months ago - Mayor of southeastern B.C. ski town urges province to restrict interprovincial travel, https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/rossland-bc-interprovincial-travels-restriction-1.5894654

Looks like Kathy is following 'Ask forgiveness, not permission' strategy.

Lastly, shocking and seriously dismaying Bhubble poster 'twinter' tried to shut down the discussion with such a dismissive comment. Astoundingly disrespectful.  


The reality is that our mayor admitted she knowingly disobeyed a PHO.

It's on record and that's that. If she had any conscious she would resign and that would be that, but she won't. 

Hopefully being in the public across BC will force her out of her position.

Scary thought of the day, the mayor and council are in charge yet neither the mayor realized NOR the council objected against her travel!?!


Mayor Kathy Moore speaks on CBC Radio West (28.10) in response to her travel to be with family in the United States. She is contrite and apologetic.



Shame on you Kathy Moore.

You have lost all of the respect and trust and council should be accountable also.

You should resign.


The serious lack of judgment and foresight that went into making this decision has me questioning the mayor’s capacity to continue in her leadership role. 

To spend the entire pandemic urging people to stay at home, and not to travel, and then turn around and travel across the US border to visit family is completely unacceptable. I have not seen my family in a very, very long time. Unfortunately, for me, those types of trips are not considered essential travel. It is unfortunate to see that the mayor holds herself above everybody else, and therefore does not need to follow the guidelines laid out by public health authorities.

An apology is not acceptable. This was no mistake, this was a well thought out plan. The only acceptable action that she could take at this point is the immediate resignation of her position. I have lost all respect for our mayor going forward. I now have zero confidence in her ability to make good decisions. It is absolutely pathetic that she would display this 'Do as I say, not as I do' attitude. I expect more from our elected officials. To say that this was disappointing would be an understatement. 

You should be ashamed of yourself. 

Thanks for sharing the CBC interview. I hope people listen to the ethics proffesional that reviewed this situation on CBC Day Break South this mornining. It isn't posted online yet but shortly. 

Her response on Radio West is how sorry she is but that the dual citizenship allows it. She states that overall she has no excuse and it was a bad decision, a decision she had to take a long time to make....

The dual citizen argument is nonsense, all that allows her to do is drive across. Any of us are "allowed" to enter the US with a negative test right now.  We just have to fly across rather than drive. But we don't as non-essential travel to the US has been federally discouraged since last spring, even though we might have family down there and we are "allowed" to enter. 

“I don’t know anyone else that has never made a mistake”.  “Calculated” mistakes by elected officials during a pandemic are slightly different from normal decision making.  


This is not an isolated incident. Look at how the Mid Town Mixed Use Development Project has been handled.

Public meetings are over before most in the community know about the project.

Clear request from the community for a referendum, ignored.

Finances manupulated to avoid a referendum exhausting the city's financial reserves.

They have the power to do this but as a group they clearly don't recongnize their lack of ethics.

I forgive you Kathy. 

@ roamryder

I don't agree at all with relating this to the Mid Town Mixed Use Development. That is a decision that was not made by one person but by an elected council. There was a clear request for a referendum from SOME of the community. 

Kathy's decision to travel to the states is her decision alone, for which she is solely responsible. 

@ MV

I don't see how the rest of the council can be held responsible for Ms. Moore's decision - can you clarify?

There can be many different ways to view this. 

On one hand, there is the disappointment that the principal of "avoid non-essential travel" has been disregarded (albeit still legal) by an otherwise solid leader.  It's disappointing.  I know of so many who have travelled to Vancouver, the island, Alberta, Ontario, travelling through Covid hotspots - some who should otherwise know better, and may even be medical professionals.   When the rest of us have sacrificed on our travel plans and foregone seeing family for well over a year.  It's frustrating to watch. So you can almost understand why people are saying 'friggit' and going anyway, and rationalizing it because they think they are being 'careful' (never mind what happens if you get into a car accident and risk exposure to Covid in a hospital with higher rates)...because everyone else seems to be doing it.

This kind of thing was bound to happen in a Country (except Atlantic Canada) and province with lax and vague public health orders, with loopholes to be found.  

On the other hand, when you look at it from a purely medical/public health perspective, you have a citizen who is seeking to be vaccinated as quickly as possible - key to ending the pandemic.  And if she could get her vaccine in the US, where supply is higher, then it means more doses for Canadians.  She is a mother whose children/grandchildren no doubt miss her.  This is a far cry from the snowboarders who came here to party.  But also a far cry from someone crossing the border to seek cancer treatment.

My point is that there can be many ways to look at the situation, and none of them are necessarily right or wrong. I'm also not suggesting this trip was okay.  I just think it's important to remember when suggesting tossing out a leader, people need to think about the consequences of that.  And above all, to be kind.  


@ SPortz  Council was complicit in this decision both before trip and now. Listen to the interview with the ethics professional.

What I find most disturbing about the whole business is this

"People have so much anger and resentment about it because I'm doing something that they can't do," Moore said Monday to Sarah Penton, the host of CBC's Radio West

Let us leave aside the rather breathtaking assumption of privilege demonstrated by this statement, and look at the fact that Kathy Moore apparently believes that people are jealous because they can't follow her example. 

The assumption that, if they could, other people would also be doing what the provincial health officer - and her own council - have been pleading with people not to do suggests that there is something seriously awry with our mayor's moral compass.

It seems to have escaped her that people are 'angry and resentful' because she did the opposite of what she has been telling others to do, not because they wish they could be as anti-social as she.

Here is the Ethics Proffesional's interview on CBC, i hope people will listen: 




Those Olympic skiers made Rossland famous for the wrong reasons LOL I cant belive she sad that.              Just to drive all the way to California. And no one was sick in the family.                                                      Just went on a holiday to see some friends and family. So glad I dont have friends like Kathy Moore.

I thought leaders led by example.

Obviously Kathy is not a good leader.

Resign your Reign, we have higher standards.

I love how the few in the community try to rationalise Kathys behaviour.

She was wrong, she should resign. She admitted it and expects a hall pass. Talk about priviledge.

Kathys only legacy will be that she defied a PHO, took advantage if her position (dual citizenship), put peoples lives in danger, queue jumped and somehow rationalised it all as reasonable behavior.

I agree with Liams first comment. Now I understand why it was pulled from Bhubble, but to see it mysteriously disappear from Rossland Talks was pretty messed up. It was a legitimate post. Obviously the whiners gathered together and complained to administration. Again, pretty messed up when you're able to pick and choose what suits you and complain like that. 

Another politician doing what the hell they want !  iMO ...Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out mrs mayor!

"We shouldn't forgive her because a) she doens't get it, b) she's full of excuses disguised as mea culpa... she doesn't see that she hasn't behaved as a decent human being and she hasn't behaved as a good citizen of her community".

This is from the interview with the ethics Professor. It is very damning indictment of Kathy not just as a leader of our community but as a human in general.

It is clearly time for Kathy to resign. She is not fit to represent our community any longer.

That ethics professor calls for mass resignation. Council supported her. One councillor has said she did nothing wrong. This is terrible leadership for our community, when we need the opposite.



Yikes- bummer that Kathy gave Chris Walker a reason to make Rossland look bad on CBC too. Im sure he was thrilled....

Many of us have family whom we miss terribly but cannot see because it just isnt the right thing to do. Selfishly, I'm hoping that we all tow the line just a little longer (??) so that I can fly interprovincially to see my new grandchild later this fall. For this reason, hearing someone play the 'grandma card' made me feel pretty upset.

Forgiveness is also important, we are all sick of our reality but this seems like a big 'screw you guys'.



If you don't like what happened then join the next council meeting and air your grievances. That seems like the right forum for this. Nothing will change in a bhubble post but maybe at the council meeting.


@friednuts Agreed the council meeting is the appropriate forum. Ironically now that i look it was yesterday and this topic wasn't on the agenda but perhaps was raised during the public input period.  

@New Phone Who Dis

The agenda was set before this blew up on the media.

She apologized before the public input period and asked if anyone wanted to speak.

No one put up their hand.

This is so typical of the cowardice that exists on social media.  People hiding behind acronyms and spewing a vitriolic diatribe.  Then, when the opportunity exists to speak directly to the person they are hurling their feces at on social media, they go silent.

Sure Lisa, understand your point and that is the common response to things brought up on bhubble. Just because someone writes on bhubble doesn't mean they are a coward. 

The intent wasn't to hurl feces or spew diatribe at all, rather provide information that existed outside of the bhubble discussion. We can attend the next council meeting or write a letter. Why is your passive aggressive response ok? Because you feel differently about the mayors actions? 

I wasnt even aware there was a council meeting last night. I bet any people will consider the next. I will.

Nobody is being a coward here. Residents are concerned, and rightly so. 

Lisa, I just heard about this on the news yesterday afternoon. I never had the opportunity to raise my hand and speak up at a council meeting. If calling me a coward, because this is the only outlet I can speak out on makes you feel better about yourself and this situation, so be it. But you better believe, had I known about this sooner, I would have no issue ripping into her face to face in front of the council in a public setting.

Lisa, the fact that you don't seem to understand why this is such a big issue to begin with is a huge problem in itself. You may not appreciate the diatribe but that does not mean the mayors actions are undeserving of it. As far as I am concerned, our mayor has just shown us that she no longer possess the proper judgement to be in a leadership role in this community. 


Why would you exactly "ripp into her face"? Where this agression is coming from? Did Mayor spit with COVID into your face?

Also don't imply that others 'don't understand'. Some folks think that it is a big issue, some think it is regrettable and some don't care. If the first group is in minority, it would be unfortunate if they force ousting of the council and the mayor.

I am not calling anyone a coward, per se.  I am noting that people rant behind the mask of a moniker on social media.  And then when the opportunity arises to speak up with one's real identity, the room goes silent.

There were people attending the zoom City Council meeting last night that have railed on about this circumstance on social media, but did not arise to the occasion during the public input period.

That's all I'm saying.

I am certain that people will speak up at the next Public Input period.

"Just because some one writes on Bhubble, they are not a coward".  I agree.  But one some one writes anger behind the mask of a moniker, rather then their real name, I suspect that is cowardly.

None of this 'makes me feel better about myself', nor is it 'passive aggressive'.

All of what has unfolded in terms of divisiveness in our town over the last few years is tragic.

Please allow me to just leave it at that.

Thank you.

Lisa, actually your wording is completely passive aggressive. To say otherwise, implies you don't know the meaning of the words.



Please read my entire comment. I said I would have no issue ripping into her face to face in a public setting. To rephrase that, in way that you will hopefully understand, I would have no issue having a very sternly worded conversation with her about her actions and why they were completely unacceptable. The face to face means person to person. As in, we would be having a real life, in person conversation. I don't want to imply that you don't understand my comment, but if you took out of it, that I would physically 'ripp into her face' then you clearly did not understand my comment. 

As for whether or not the mayor has spit Covid into my face, well her recent actions feels like a spit in the face. To me, these are the actions of somebody who thinks they are better than everyone else. To me, me these are the actions of somebody who believes they are above the rules. These are the actions of somebody who no longer possesses the judgement necessary to be in a leadership role. 

This has nothing to do with what you think is a big issue or not. If you as a leader preach one set of guidelines for the public to abide by, but then turn around and completely disregard those rules whenever you feel like it, then that person should no longer be in that role. 

Can you imagine if Bonnie Henry took a vacation to visit familiy in the states during all of this? What would the backlash be? This is no different. The mayor was singing the same tune this entire pandemic. To turn around and not follow the guidelines she herself has been preaching is incredibly disrespectful to every single person in this community.

I have absolutely no confidence in anything that she says going forward. It would be very unfortunate to not hold the mayor accountable for her own actions. 





BoJanggles, I completely agree. 

@BoJanggles you are sure making good points. I definitely think the Mayor should not have made the trip, even though I don't think like she endangered my family or really, the community. I personally don't expect her to resign and definitely not the council, but have no problem with others having different opinion as long as it does not involve shouting about shame , doors hitting in the ass etc. 

Kathy should not have made that trip. Very bad judgment, and she now has to own it.

But the idea that she should resign, or that the whole Council should resign, is a terrible one. There are 18 months left in this Council until the next election. I've been on Council and I know how hard they work, and in particular how hard Kathy works. If you think the municipal government is playtime and doesn't do much (or worse, does bad), then I could see advocating for it to grind to a crawl for almost half a year, because that's what would happen by the time you had a by-election and new officials were trained up etc. Even just Kathy resigning would take away a huge full-time force working for Rossland, suck up scarce staff time adapting, thrust a replacement Mayor on a steep learning curve, and leave Council subject to tie votes again until we spent the time, money and effort to have another by-election.

I think Kathy and this Council actually do good stuff for Rossland. And I don't feel like having a leaderless or Council-less town for the next half a year.

PS: Also I don't think her actions were anywhere near bad enough to justify resignation, but that's just my personal opinion. We're not talking embezzlement, or abuse of position for personal gain, or even lying. And I think that Dr. Schafer, though totally qualified to judge what's right and wrong, is not qualified to weigh in on what the consequences should be. His focus expertise is medicine, not government.

PPS: Another personal opinion: Kathy's served two terms as Councillor and two as Mayor. That's 12 and a half years of quasi-volunteer public service (the pay is a joke) during which I think she's done a great job. Any credit for that seems to have evaporated pretty quickly.

I think she's got to go. Terrible decision. We all make mistakes and we all have to pay the price. Stay in Arizona

Aaron, I'm sorry but thats a pretty weak argument.  You don't forgive a crime because someone is good at their job and there doesn't seem to be an immediate replacement (not saying Kathy committed a crime its an analogy).  That's just a post hoc argument aiming at peoples fear during a time of uncertainty.  Put your loyalty to one side for a moment and imagine it was someone that you didn't like politically.  If Kathy is so indispensable then her transition in 18 months will also be chaotic, get it done early; and as Kathy is of such high moral character I'm sure she'll "stick around" to ensure its not a chaotic transition.  But then sticking around isn't a strong point :P

By that same logic anyone that "works hard" should be exempt from judgement? 
that's an interesting social model you are proposing but not realistic.

Kathys legacy needs to follow her out the door.

Kathys resignation should not be avoided because of the disturbance it will cause or the expense it will create. Her actions are inexcusable. She did this to our little town. Perhaps we would discuss this with her face to face... if she were here. Who is the coward? She is also not answering emails, which is attempted direct communication with her. As for council, that is where the difficulty comes in and for myself, I will await their statement today before forming further opinion. 


Interesting someone mentioned the doctor who recently returned from a biking vacation. Interesting that this doctor was quite involved in the original facebook discussions about this, and was primarily defending Kathys actions. I do not know if he should be asked to resign (his position is vastly different than Kathys), but he should be held accountable by his peers. He did violate the public health order, and visited an area ripe with covid, thereby putting our community directly at risk. Shame on him too.


I removed my original post because of the nasty emails I received. As if I am the one who has wronged our community somehow. I suppose it must be all the staying at home I am doing that angered the mayors supporters. I brought this concern to light on bhubble because this community deserved to know that our mayor was lying to us and ignoring guidelines, and putting our community at risk.

Wow i just listened to that extremist on Chris Walker's show!

I will only say one thing.  I agree that Kathy made a mistake.  Hands down. 

However, i was just in Cranbrook for work (essential travel AND my health region btw!) and i was stunned by all of the AB plates.  AB, as you know, has the highest rates of infection in US or CAN at present. 

Now those calling for resignations and/or agree with the puritanical extremist from Manitoba, i wonder what you would do if you saw any of those AB plates?  I'd say at least 90% of them are doing non-essential travel, so then what by the standards for resignations, would you approach these people and shame the hell out of them?

This is EXACTLY what happened in Castlegar with their mayor, and now we are going to lose a Mayor and Council because of a mistake that 1000's of people from AB were making just this past weekend in Invermere, Cranbrook, and Fernie?"

In addition, i'm confused about the "putting your town at risk" because Kathy would quarantine when she came home, so the 'danger to our community' would not take place until she came home (and what a homecoming!). 

This "do as I say not as i do'er" stuff is like the fake news furor you see over Bonnie Henry (who has received death threats quite regularly).  What kind of abuse do you think she is receiving now?  Do you think she deserves this?  She isn't the PM, nor an ethicist professor, it's not in her portfolio to be "the most "ethical person in town".  She is a human being, she made a mistake that BC and AB AND other Rossland residents are making every single day but no one lambasted them on social media. 

This waxes of a desire to see Kathy gone by Kathy's enemies, their sycophants, and those who just don't like her because she's American, a woman, or disagree with her vehemently on policy, but have now made it personal. 

COVID is ruining our "little town" and really making me ashamed of the behavior of many of our residents. She made a mistake, that is for sure, AND she should apologize to the community (which she has done) and we should move on with our lives, and let democracy work itself out in 18 months.  The amount of cost for an election over this (Jason Kenny didn't even kick his 5 MLA's out of caucus for going overseas at xmas, nor did they resign...he is not my ethical example, however, proportionality is my point) because people are mad at her for leaving our health region is wrong and a waste of time and resources. 

Lastly, that ethicist was an puritanical borderline religious extremist with ethics.  I am hopeful that Chris Walker was concerned by the one sided nature of his commentary.  Just because lots of angry people call into talkback and emailed them does not mean they are people i want to hear from (ie. Bonnie Henry death threats, etc.). 

I also disagree with a lot of people on here, obviously, but i am concerned that you received private messages from people.  That's not ok, but it is also not ok to stoke these flames to the level they are at, because this is now just viscious, mean, and counter-productive. 

Whoops.  The point i was trying to make re "danger when she came home" was that the danger is the same as anyone that comes from AB, or other health regions, but she would be quarantining immediately whereas all those that i see travelling (even within our health region) are arguably not quarantining and are doing recreational travel.  There are a ton of people doing things every single day that are far more of a danger to our community than Kathy's trip. 

Are we mad that she took the trip?  Sure.  Mistake.  Is she the worst human being in town for it, hardly, and there are far more risky behaviours happening every single day but no one knows about it until they bring COVID to town (i'm not going to publicly out anyone but we know the stories)

@ Jeff W

So because lots of Albertans are travelling outside of their province we should forgive a publicly elected official for leaving the country?  If everyone stole from Ferraros that wouldn't make it okay for Kathy to do it, would it? 

Ya it is what happened in Castlegar and the mayor had the good sense to step down, eventually.  This isn't about personal vendettas for me, its not what identity Kathy has, I can't trust her ethics going forward, as this was more than a mistake, it was a calculated decision.  She admitted herself that she didn't make the decision as mayor, and thus I don't want her making anymore decisions as mayor.  If we want a mother and grandmother for this town then we can elect one.  


Just because you don't agree with the ethicist doesn't make his arguments invalid.  Why are people not allowed to hold others to a high moral standard??  I'm yet to see a nasty vicious comment on this matter, what I'm seeing is an attempt to suppress this narrative.  

Jeff W you raise many good points. Agreed that the number of people travelling between provinces is extremely concerning. It is surprising that situation, and the AB / BC border is not being monitored more closely. It is scary. And is certainly a risk to us all.

None of my participation in this discussion has been to stoke the fire. We need a Mayor we can trust and put confidence in to run our community properly, and I for one can no longer trust her to do that. Remember, we all have a family we miss and want to see. Kathy put her desire to see hers above her responsibility to our community. 


I do not think Kathy is a horrible human being at all. I voted for her. I wanted her as Mayor. She has let us down in that role, tremendously. I would rather see Council appoint an interim Mayor amongst themselves and carry on for the remaining 18 months before the next election. I do not know if that is possible, but it seems a reasonable move to carry forward without too much disruption. This would boost trust in our government again.

I have heard the CBC interviews and read the threads on social media regarding Kathy's travel and the intimations of other Rosslanders flouting of PHOs.  My response is more personal. Learning that Kathy is in AZ visiting family because she loves them, that others have taken vacations because they want to is a punch to my stomach.  I realize their actions have nothing to do with me particularly but it feels personal.

I likely see most of you everyday or at least once a week.  I am an essential, in theory, worker, I go to work with a smile on my face, my ears open and I honestly care about your answer when I ask how you are or how your day is going. I ask about your kids or whatever. I have not seen my spouse in a year and a half. My heart hurts everyday. I have not seen my children, in their early 20's in so many months I can't even think about it without feeling the tears come up. I have my breakfast by myself and I have dinner by myself. I have not had anyone in my home in months.  I COULD visit them all but I believed we were not to travel, we were to stay local, play local.  I believed that we were all in this together.  What an idiot.

What a flaming idiot I have been. Why did I not just visit them? Sod the PHOs, my co-workers, the people I see everyday and their reduced lives, their sacrifices. Kathy, the doctor who vacationed and others who have put their wants ahead of the rest of us don't care that we have sacrificed our loves, being touched, giving and getting a hug, chatting over a meal for over a year, because they got what they wanted. This situation feels like a gut punch of disrespect and complete lack of care. It is not about politics or ethics.  It feels personal. 


Time to resign.

Nice post bikeskiswim. Difficult situations always represent opportunity for improvement. This situation represents an opportunity for a reset in our community and its relationship with Council.

Kathy should resign. I hope the rest of Council chose to remain but only if they can reflect on how they have evolved as a group under Kathy's leadership and recognize they need to do better.

Council's conduct with regard to the MTMUD project also represents ethical issues. Whether you believe this project is good or not so good for the community is not the issue but the process for approval is flawed. Council are good folks trying to do what's right for the community but appear to have tumbled into a massive heuristic trap on this project. Its become more about winning the argument than doing the right thing.

Personally I think its crazy to tie our city hall to that structure and enter into a relationship with BC Housing (see Pentiction's dispute with BC Housing) for the next 75 years. This is just one opinion.

If a small community wants to undertake a large capitol project with the level of risk that the MTMUD project represents the only ethical approach is to ensure the community has been informed of the risks and you have a clear documented mandate which can only be achieved through referendum. This has not occurred.

We can do better as a Community. We need a reset and a fresh start.

JeffW, haha thanks for the laugh.

The Professor Emeritus of Ethics at that hot bed of puritanical of religious thought, the UofM, was not being extremist. If you had listened to the interview without your bias, you would have heard his reason for saying the citizens of Rossland would be justified in calling for her resignation.  It wasn't that Kathy is a bad person (or the worst person as you assert), it is the fact that she is showing that she doesn't get it, she doesn't see the problem with what she has done, she has only apologized for the furor, not for her actions.  She said multiple times in the interview that she was allowed to do what she did because she is a dual citizen and could therefore cross the border both ways legally.  The reasons I think she should be held accountable. A) This is a direct contradiction of her position on the incident from last winter with the tourists travelling here and having their pictures taken, the poor optics of it all as she put it.  B) By her own admission she feels that elected officials should be held to a higher standard of expectations, however, I get the feeling that she fully expects to not be held accountable back here. 

Kathy is a very nice person, very civil and well spoken whenever I have had interactions with her, her service to the town as mayor  and councilor is undeniable.  But the implication that we as citizens and residents somehow owe her a pass for this transgression based on that service is laughable and a bit disturbing.

Kathy, I know you're reading this. Just do the right thing. The voices are loud and clear. You got caught with your hand in the cookie jar. 

Always glad for a laugh!

I do want to apologize for how i framed that comment where i was saying this "waxes of people that don't like Kathy" because that gave the impression that i think that if anyone wants her to resign you are making it personal.  That wasn't what i meant but i see how it read and i apologize.  I hear where many you are all coming from.  Really i do.  The interview she gave did not help her and it came across as tone deaf to the anger that exists.

I still believe that the professor had a venemous tone and was holding a mayor of our tiny town to the same standards as the PM in a world where the provincial government has not had the guts to impose a full, unequivocal lockdown, and that has left everyone to interpret what is "essential travel", and the RCMP has refused to impose any checkpoints.  I had a guy in Castlegar the other day who was from Langley en route east.  Should I have kicked him out of my store?  The professor was spitting venom and gets to work and teach at his "privileged" faculty hangout and not deal with life on the ground like the rest of us, nor does he understand or appreciate the local context, nor should he be treated like he is speaking for local Rosslanders.

There are many other ambiguities that exist, of course.  The ski hill.  We all love it, but they are a business and pretty much ran a charitable organization this winter.  Should we have been shaming all the people that came here when our govt, again, did not have the follow through to impose a lockdown?  We have been "interpreting" the rules for quite some time now and, as a result, fallible humans are going to make mistakes.  Human nature is fallible and these mistakes are going to continue to happen.  The Bilodeau controversy was another case in point, again, because in that same restaurant there were dozens of tourists who were doing the exact same thing and social media became the arbiter of justice.  Just because he's a famous olympian he should be attacked?

The "the implication that we as citizens and residents somehow owe her a pass for this transgression based on that service is laughable and a bit disturbing" is a good point and i honestly don't want to offer a rebuttle to that statement - i agree with you - but she has not had a "pass" (ie. social media firestorm), and i think she and council will be held accountable at the ballot box.  A resignation is overstepping.  Lastly, she never said she should not be held accountable and that she agrees with the anger, but where does this anger stop?  

Nevetheless, i don't think my opinion matters very much.  The media "click bate" articles like this one (just look at the comments on any of the articles online) are a story that people love to hate.  Some "privileged politician thinks they are much better than all of us" is too lusty to turn down.  Chris Walker opened with "you aren't going to want to miss this one" because he knew it was entertaining.  I found it disturbing as well how we all manifest around this shaming of public figures that make human mistakes and the professor, in my opinion, was way over the top.   Reminds me of Mao or 1984.  I find that more disturbing than disagreeing about whether a resignation is required. 

As i said above, I disagree with many of you quite strongly about this issue, but i regret if  I struck a disrespectful tone to those who wish for her to resign.  That was not my intention.  I just disagree!

Out of curiosity.... how many of you who are calling for the ousting of mayor and council are going to put forth your name on the ballot for the next election?


Ah yes, I've been waiting for the "if you aren't willing to run for local government you are not allowed to criticize local goverment" card to be played. I must admit it took longer than usual.

Ahhhhh, shucks.... I already regret weighing in.

And furthermore, did you just assume my opinion? Not cool Liam!

I didn't say if you don't want to run you can't bust balls. Those are your words. I was asking a question.

And I was busy doing life stuff this morning.... that's why it took me so long to play that card. I apologize for my tardiness.

@Jeff W

I completely agree with you on "the provincial government has not had the guts to impose a full, unequivocal lockdown, and that has left everyone to interpret what is "essential travel" ".  But Kathy knew it wasn't essential and she chose to go anyway.  And yes, its your store and the law is they shouldn't travel, you would have been well within your rights if the person wasn't traveling for essential reasons. 

You criticize this lecturer for being "privileged", thats what I heard when listening to Kathys apology.  Very little remorse, more justification and excuses, and an expectation that that was enough.  Why wait a year and a half?  Why is a resignation overstepping? I'd prefer she was held accountable now as she has lost my faith in her integrity, and as there doesn't seem to be a mechanism to remove an acting Mayor, she has to resign and that's what people are doing here; to put pressure on her to make that decision.  No one is sending her to prison, or even saying she should get a fine, or have to leave town or anything.  One can accept her apology as a human, and still reject her apology as a publicly elected official, who on top of that is in a leaders position.  If we don't hold mayors to a high standard then why should anyone behave?  Its not about shaming an individual, its about holding a leader accountable.  And at this point I think the only way for her to be accountable is to resign.  If the public wants Kathy Moore back then they can reward her in the ballots. ;)

Many here say it was a mistake quite flippantly; if she left Rossland and took a wrong turn and ended up in Castlegar, thats a mistake, ending up in Arizona on a carefully planned, thought out trip is not really a flippant mistake.  It is a blatant hypocritical disregard for the public health orders.

Hi all, the following press release is going out shortly. For your consideration: 
Terry Miller - Councillor


May 5, 2021

Press Release – For Immediate Release

Rossland, BC – Council Response to Mayor Moore’s Recent International Travel

To the Citizens of Rossland From Rossland City Council

Rossland Mayor Kathy Moore is currently in the USA. While not breaking any laws, she travelled contrary to current Federal and Provincial Public Health recommendations against non-essential travel which has raised significant concerns in our community. While Mayor Moore has responded publicly on multiple occasions, the other six Rossland City Councillors have collectively considered the matter and wish to share our perspective with the community.

We did not, and do not condone Mayor Moore’s personal decision to travel to the USA. Council and staff were informed via an informal email of her decision to travel, however there was no formal discussion on the matter. Additionally, prior to her trip, some Councillors and staff expressed deep concerns about her plans; however, Mayor Moore made her own decision to travel, for her own reasons.

We Councillors have a range of personal opinions on this matter; however, we share the view that as an elected official, her personal choice was not made with the community interest in mind. Furthermore, all Councillors, and the City, have taken great steps in operational decisions and messaging regarding preventative measures to help reduce the spread of COVID19 – and will continue to do so.

Our responsibility as Councillors is to act in the broader and long-term best interests of the community. Council does not have the legal authority to remove Mayor Moore from her position – as such a decision is ultimately hers to make. Furthermore, other formal types of reprimand have been considered but would only serve to be symbolic.

This issue aside, at this time, we Councillors are unanimous in appreciating Mayor Moore’s past leadership and her long standing contribution to the good governance of our city. It is our considered and shared opinion that resignation by the Mayor, and the resulting by-election, would be a significant disruption to the functioning of our operations, add additional expense to the City and deepen division in the community.

In short, while Council is deeply troubled by Mayor Moore’s recent judgement, we feel it is in the best interest of the community for her to continue acting as Mayor in a limited capacity for the remaining 18 months of her term.

Councillors Spooner, Miller, Nightingale, Bowman, Lewis, and Morel.

I want Kathy as Mayor in full capacity. Council is wimpy (see the last part of Milty's post).

She deserves better.  Not the hell some nasty Rosslanders put her through by contacting CBC.


If you were sincerely just asking a question which you genuinely intended to be innocuous, expecting a list of candidates to be drawn up in this very Bhubble comment thread and not just asking a rhetorical question meant to make a point which is commonly made during such discussions, then you in return have my equally sincere apologies for assuming your opinion.

Thank you Terry for putting together and sharing the bulletin. It is disappointing to see it confirmed that Mayor Moore was indeed lying about the council's "permission" and using it as a scapegoat to shift blame away from herself. Her handling of this issue is almost as apalling as the issue itself.

Hey Liam, 

no need to apologize! I definitely wasn't expecting a list of candidates, just trying to add a bit of a chuckle to this thread and verbalizing one of my many musings...

I have so many thoughts and opinions on this matter, but there is no way I'm going to get my point across by typ it out on here. ain't nobody got time for that!

Hi Terry Miller. So just so I understand No one in the counsil want Kathy Moore to resign???                       Can you tell me. Was this the only time Kathy Moore crossed the border after Covid 19.                               Their is rumers that she went to America in December????                                

@Terry Miller : thanks for that. 

For the rest of us reading and/or writing here, please don't assume that this thread or Bhubble in general necessarily represents the opinions of the majority of Rosslanders. I know far more people don't use Bhubble than those who do. 

Perhaps Kathy could pick up some packages on her way back to make it up to us? I wanted to order something but found Waneta Quick Stop is swamped in packages and unable to get anything to their customers in Canada. Considering she's been gone so long she should be allowed quite a lot of stuff...

Thank you for the post @Terry Miller . 

I hope it is a start of a more civilized way of dealing with the issue, rather than having the Mayor exposed to public shaming, ineviteably receiving hate mail and so on.

People who want the Mayor out can start the petition. 

I think enough has been said. There is no need to whip the Lady when she is down.

SPortz makes a good point (for anyone reading this, Bhubble tends to have negative unproductive commentary and many Rosslanders stay off it).

I very much appreciated hearing from council.  Thank you! 

I also agree with Jeff W.  I heard the professor use histrionic language (eg "putting her community at grave risk", etc.) His tone seemed arrogant and condescending (I think he laughed at one point), and he neglected to speak to her quarantine plan and her dual vaccine doses of a highly effective vaccine.  If you remove the "do not travel" part of the equation, and look at the medical evidence for Covid transmission, one could argue that she has done nothing to endanger Rossland.

However, the damage to the public's faith in leaders to model what they wish to see in all citizens has been done.

But I don't see the point to also punishing the City Hall staff and fellow councillors as well, by the upheaval that an immediate resignation and bi-election will cause.  They were not complicit enablers. They do not deserve added workload and stress.  The vitriole and anger she is facing online now seems punishment enough.

@TerryMiller & Council,

I am personally very disappointed with Council's press release. The wrong decision was made for the wrong reasons.

Can you imagine what the next 18 months are going to be like with Kathy as Mayor? The widespread anger and loss of public confidence will not disappear. Where will it show up? Maybe applause at public events becomes a weak smattering or crowds dwindle, pictures in the newspaper evoke eye rolls, the disconnect between City Hall and citizens widens - not just for 18 months but something like this can damage a culture.

I don't think you understand - this is a question of community pride. I honestly do not think the community can be proud of anything until the hard but right decision is made.

Council's position is very selfish. It satisfies you and no one else. The really puzzling thing is no one at City Hall seems to feel any sense of accountability to the community. The issue is not irrational. They were Public Health ORDERS with widespread sacrifice by everyone. Everyone. But Kathy.


Actually dj2074,

I feel so satisfied by that press release , i'm headed out to buy a pack a' smokes!

A professor of professional and applied ethics gave his professional opinion on Kathys response, and somehow certain individuals think they are more educated on ethics than a professor who specialized in them. hilarious. 
Rossland's mayor has become a joke in the kootenay community. Go ask anyone outside of Rossland for their opinion.

Eric, thanks. That was funny. :)


Small disagreement there Anonymous (aka d3m0n5).   Ronald Reagan, George Bush and Donald Trump held the position of the most powerful person in the world for 20years combined.  If someone holds a PHD, does that not mean they cannot be accused of taking things too far, or that he could even be wrong?  Henry Kissinger was an academic, and i'm pretty sure he got southeast asia pretty wrong.  Off topic....ok...


At any rate, this is not an ivory tower take down.  I would like to share an interview that was done on the Evan Solomon show because it takes a different angle to the issue and focuses more on the travel for vaccine, but if you remain open minded, you may find the arguments presented AND the talk back line interesting.




My personal takeaways – whatever that’s worth! – n from the past few days are the following:


·         Her decision to travel outside health region was wrong, but she also did not break any laws, and her main motivation for the trip was to get a vaccine, not solely to visit family.  Once you cross the border, what difference does it make whether you stay longer, so long as you quarantine properly afterwards.  No one in your community is put at risk if you go straight home.  I would argue we are at far greater risk from industrial contractors and tourists travelling here for the past year, but we accept that and there were no rules against it.


·         As @sportz points out, there are a huge number of people in town that will not discuss or litigate this online, and social media is not judge, jury, executioner on this file.  Start a petition, if you want, but Bhubble, Facebook, CBC are only cathartic anger management


·         While I agree all politicians should be held to a higher standard; I think the “volunteer work” that local politicians do is completely understated.  Motivations for entering local government are not for money or power, they are for community service, and I think someone that has volunteered their time for 13 years in our community deserves some consideration.  If she were regularly driving drunk around town endangering our citizens (none of our former local politicians would ever do that, right?), or had been embroiled in other controversies, then that point is far less valid – but Kathy has not.    I am not suggesting a “pass”, but I do believe that character matters and that it should count for something (council included!)


·         I disagree with the piling on re her interviews as if she has been making excuses.  I do not think she should have said anything, because no one is interested in what she is saying.  What I hear is that she had the guts to own up to what she did in every interview and rather than consult a PR firm, or read from a prepared statement, she was herself and was real.  She spoke and said MEA CULPA , I made a huge mistake and I regret the decision and I apologize profusely for it. 


·         I think she would agree with the statement that she “owes Rossland enough to finish the job”  If she quits, where does that leave Rossland?  Nothing gets done!  If I had one of my best employees make a HUGE mistake (ie. racism, sexism, cannibalism) I would fire them.  If one of my employees did this, I would not fire them because I would accept that they are human.  Of any of the people that have brought COVID to town this year, should they be fired from their jobs?  I know some of them, they are good people, and they made a mistake!  What about that poor guy at Teck that was one of the first people in the area to get COVID.  He wasn’t roasted online like this.


·         Someone brought up the Bilodeau thing as indicative of her hypocrisy and I do not think that issue is so clear cut.  If you are the mayor of a small town with a huge employer like the ski hill, you must protect your town but also not be xenophobes either!  She did not come down hard on Bilodeau OR on tourists travelling here (it’s a fine line in a tourist town and she s responsible to many constituents).  She said it was unfortunate that they came here, but she didn’t grandstand all over them either.  I was a measured, balanced response for which we are accustomed from her.  She did not ask to give the interview, I’m sure!


·         Approx. 15 years ago (before social media was this big), when I lived in Vancouver, there was a woman in English Bay who tried to kill a tree in front of her condo building so that it would improve her view. She was caught, and after her name was made public, she received death threats, dog poo thrown and smeared on her windows, phone calls, people following her, etc. When her trial happened, the judge decided that her punishment, which was a massive fine and some community service, was conveyed because of all the abuse she had already received.  The community abused her enough.


What the tree killer did was awful, but at what point does society decide that someone has suffered enough?  In that case, we had a judge do that for us.   In this case, my argument is that Kathy has reaped the whirlwind, she must be receiving abusive emails (I have heard City Hall is inundated) from all over the country, maybe international, and has had her professional reputation and all of her public service and accomplishments reduced to one byline – “she did not break any laws, she broke the travel advisory, and sought out a vaccine” (she is in the high risk age category after all) with her dual citizenship, and that means Rossland should lose an employee and have our city hall reduced to a 6 member council with no tie breaking vote, and we have to pay for a by-election for a mayor that will serve what, 12 months?”  I think that is a punishment for Kathy, AND for Rossland, that does not befit the crime.


This is my last comment on the matter….until my next comment.  I’m sorry, I have found the social media response to this very disturbing, so please take these comments for what they are meant to be.  I’m not saying YOU ARE WRONG because you may disagree with me, but I would ask that you consider my point of view because, as Canadians and Rosslanders, we can and should be better than much of what I have read. 


It always feels good to yell at people that we feel righteous about yelling at, but that should also be followed by introspection, humility, understanding, and balancing pros and cons of what is being demanded.  If you still disagree or are angry, no problem!  It’s not my job to convince you of that, but maybe you should give Kathy another shot at trying?  Up to you.




Jeff W Are you the guy that owns the weed store???                                                                                       Anyway so Kathy have been saying stay away from Rossland this winter.                                                      That totaly screwd up my buissines as a ski hotel. 90% off my guests canseld.                                             A lot because of Kathy. Specialy after she hanged out the olympic skiers.                                                      You just dont get it do you???                                                                                                                      Stay local. And then she drives to Arizona.                                                                                                    Please wake up!!!


Jeff, I'm sorry mate but you've pointed out how people like to be morally righteous and christ do we get a lot of that lately but do you see how you are making up excuses for her yourself?  We're all irrational.  In the CBC interview Kathy said if she hadn't left she'd have gotten a vaccine in Canada anyway.  I'm sorry but I don't buy that that was her main motivation.  She admitted to making the decision as a mother and grandmother, not a concerned citizen about her own health or her communitys health, and certainly not as a mayor who has preached to everyone to stay home.  


As for your analogy about firing one of your employees, not the same thing, Kathy is an elected leader in the community who knew exactly what she was doing.  This isn't about shaming an individual, its holding people in power responsible for their ethics.  It's her position,  her decision to go, and her decision not to resign that is causing the furor; and yet you want to blame people who are perfectly entitled to hold their leaders to a moral standard.  

JMK, totally respect your point of view.  Let me be clear.  I am not blaming anyone for holding anyone to a moral standard, i tried to be clear about that, but maybe i faltered somewhere my bloody essay.  For me it's about proportionality and what's best for the community.

Take care.  I don't have anything else to add and this forum is prob 5% of the Rossland voting community anyway.

it's time for this embarassment of a mayor to resign.

Maybe it's time for a protest outside her home......if she ever comes back.....

I just want to second what 3GirlsGo said yesterday; I feel exactly the same way. I have family in other parts of BC and Alberta and I would love to see them but we all follow the PHO guidelines. I really miss them.

" ... This situation feels like a gut punch of disrespect and complete lack of care. It is not about politics or ethics.  It feels personal. "

Piper, you're right, it does feel personal which is probably why I'm also more heated regarding the whole matter.

We have all sacrificed to get here, I'm on the verge of zoom fatigue every week and have been working non stop since last year to support my work to survive.

This behavior eroded the very fabric of trust you endow a leader of a community. Kathys legacy has been reduced to nothing more than lies and mistrust.

Angela: why should the person who reported Kathy Moore be "Shamed" and not Kathy for doing this? is she really allowed to pick and choose the rules to follow? She was a lawyer and knows full well the implications of her action. Even if I were to travel, it would not be out of our province abd Out of the country is Completely out of the question! To me, this is telling us who she has chosen...let her now be the mother and grandmother. She needs to resign!

Who tf are you, @Bentobox?

It takes a brave person to post on this thread dominated by anonymous haters.

And I didn't post anything about shaming anyone.


@Bentwhoever,  you asked why the person who took this to the CBC should be shamed.

Good question, but remember, shaming was your idea, not mine.

My answer;

Do you know who contacted the media? What were their motives?

Was it someone in local politics perhaps? Would they prefer to remain anonymous?


Angela, it doesn't matter how it got leaked, fact is, it got leaked, and the Mayor should've had that thought in her head prior to taking a trip, "umm, jeez, maybe this isn't the right thing to do right now, especially after all the comments I've said about staying local..." She got caught. It's not rocket science. Deal with it.

Angela - perhaps if you don't like the 'anonymous' people on here....you shouldn't be on here. 

your comment was 'She deserves better.  Not the hell some nasty Rosslanders put her through by contacting CBC.' That sounds a lot like shaming the person who turned her in INSTEAD of her for doing travelling when she so very clearly SHOULD NOT have. 

@BentMyWordsToMeanSomethingDifferent... READ my words, don't copy paste and guess.

If you think the person who took this to the CBC needs shaming, that is your idea, and I only agree if their motives were questionable.

I said Kathy does not deserve the hell she is going through: (attacks from coast to coast, vicious hate mail, public humiliation, and some false accusations piled on too via national media.)

She is strong but human.

She deserves to be held accountable for her lack of judgement, but not the national bullying... this thread is harsh on her but it's  just a drop in the bucket.

FAIR punishment FITS the offense.

So, since you keep talking to me about shaming, I ask you again... do you know who took it to CBC? 
If their motive was honourable, fair enough, if political... hmmm.

My name in 'Bentobox' not the false and vitriol names you spew As an attempt to insult. 

I recall a couple getting their vaccine in Alaska and they were crusified.  Countless political leaders have travelled and have been Forced out of office Because of their idiocy. It should be the same with Kathy. I'm not saying 'strip' her of her citizenship but, yes, kick her out of office. 

and yes, I know of 5 people (most nurses)  who emailed and contacted various news outlets. From what I gathered, it because of their outrage that our elected leader could simply care less about us or our struggles with the virus and her hypocrisy on the subject. 

and to those people who reported her and called her on her sh**, THANK YOU! 


Agreed, leaders should be held accountable to a higher standard and Kathy clearly needs to be made an example of.

No doubt it'll have to wait until she is back but she has eroded the very fabric of trust placed on a democratically elected leader.

Her rationalizarion of her "good work" should somehow exempt her is ridiculous.

She has destroyed our society with her actions and should suffer accordingly. 

Talk to anyone in the kootenay community and the verdict is the same, she should be removed from office.

As for your lame name calling Angela, it's really all just a rather sad attempt at dismissing the reality of truth from the citizens of rosslands mouths.