This is an absolute joke and insulting to anyone with a basic understanding of the scientific process.  

Complete and utter nonsense. 

"Educate yourself" okay. 

I agree K. 

It is important to educated yourself but through schools and proper channels....not YouTube lol!!! 

Get vaccinated and spread the love, not hate and disease. 

I 100% agree with you 250. Everybody should educate themselves. I have linked a far better website for this. It might be more difficult to get through (big words are hard) but I can guarantee you that the information here will be considerably more accurate then the website you have provided.



You might want to start with the smaller words and edit your post to read than not then.

Hahaha. Thanks, James. You got me there. I am not going to change it, mostly because I don't know how to edit a message after posting. 

I can play this game too! You may want to edit your post to read may and not might. Might is the past tense, where may applies to situations that are possible or could be possible. Since you are suggesting that I start with small words and edit my post, may is the correct word choice.