Dirt bikes on KCTS Trails

Hi Folks,

Just a gentle reminder that KCTS trails are for non motorized use (http://www.kcts.ca/Trail-Etiquette).  If you need some assistance with pedaling up the hills walking or buying an e-bike are great options!

While out for a pedal up KC this evening I had an encouter with a dirt biker(CRX dirtbike) who seemed to be doing laps in and around the KC trail network. 

Lets respect the stake holder land agreements and the countless hours of trail work completed by the KCTS.  It would be ashame to see the trails degrade following more frequent motorized use. 

I agree with no dirt bikes on KC but a lot of the trails were originally created by dirt bikes and with the amount of mountain and ebikes on the trails, they are destroying the trails A LOT faster than the dirt bikes. 

I also agree KC is no dirt bikes but with all the trail development around upper Gibards and the aquaduct there is an issue. Unless they plan to build a complete new trail to get to Strawberry Pass for the non motorized (e-bikes??) they are headed down the road to conflict as the old aquaduct has been primarily used by dirt bikes.

As a long term resident it gets tiring of people wanting constant changes and implementing rules to what best suits their own needs. Poor dirt bikers constantly getting shit and grief. Can people ever be satisfied with what they aleady have? I seriously doubt it.



Sure no dirt bikes but also a reminder that e-bikes aren't permitted on 7-summits and a few other trails (http://www.kcts.ca/e-Bikes). Quite honestly there are more e-bikes on non-e-bike trails than dirt bikes on non-motorized trails.