Owner of dog who attacked my horse

Could the owner of the dog who attacked my horse at 5:45 this morning please contact me? There is likely to be a vet bill. 

I've had my horse for only a week now and he has been chased and barked at by dogs on several occasions while foraging in his pasture. This morning he was attacked in his own home and suffered several wounds. We are all very upset, he seems unwilling to go back out in his field to eat the grass. 

Everyone please wait until you are well into the cemetery trail before letting your dog off leash. Even if you think s/he isn't likely to chase my horse. Dogs get excited and they can't help themselves. Please be responsible.


alynnmckenzie at hot mail dot com


That this happened is totally unacceptabe; too many dog owners think their dogs deserve to be off leash at all times and damn the consequences If they misbehave and cause havoc or injury. I would report it to whoever has any jurisdiction over animal control in the area so that it can be kept track of in case of future attacks on others. I hope the dog's owner has a set and steps up to pay your bills (and hereafter makes sure the dog is under control so that this doesn't happen to someone/something else.

Oh this makes me so sad to hear - poor horse!  I'm so sorry you all had that stress.  I've been chased on my mountain bike by dogs with angry barks and jaws ready to nip too many time to recall now (Rail grade and wagon road are particularly bad for poorly trained off-leash dogs).  Last year I had a bigger dog come up and jump on me while climbing the new trail at biathlon - and it put its jaws around my bare arm.  I think (hope) it was still young and playing.  But it still doesn't make it ok!  I could have fallen off and injured my already bad knees, etc.   The owner is a really nice person who just wasn't supervising as closely as needed - point being that any dog can misbehave and not stay out of one's personal space, and ultimately injure another animal or person.  No one wants to believe their perfect pet could do these things...but they do.

I feel your pain, Alynn.

When I lived beside the railway grade and had two horses there, it was a constant problem. As you said, dogs get excited and there were more than a few ground squirrels in the field but it got very tiresome to have to ask people over and over again to keep their dogs on the leash until they got past the pasture. I'm very grateful that none of the dogs ever attacked my horses. I also warned the owners that if one of the horses actually connected with a kick, it would seriously damage or kill a dog. 

I hope your horse is going to make a full and speedy recovery.

Thanks everyone. I'm hoping his wounds will heal nicely and he won't need antibiotics but still keeping a close eye and continuing to clean them up a few times per day.

I can imagine how you would have had the same problem at the rail grade, SPortz.

It's tough because I totally get it, I love to walk my own dog off leash too. It just sucks when it harms other people or animals like this.

Alynn, this is Alina from the gym. I am so sorry this happened!! :(  Really appreciate the flag for us dog-owners. I haven't been to Cemetery in months but it is one of my favourite places to go, and I've never seen my dog enter people's yards and so didn't think twice about letting her off leash as soon as we're out of the car. I'll be more careful, keep her on leash until further down the trail, and keep a closer eye on her. Even though she doesn't attack, you never know how a dog can get spooked by a horse. I do hope your beauful new family member recovers well and finds courage to return to his pasture.