2021 Community Fruit Pressing - Rain or Shine!

September 11 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Annual Rossland Community Fruit Pressing - Sign up for a pressing time, bring your apples, and jugs or buckets for your juice.  
Sign up for a 30 minute time slot. Our motorized press can  press three 18 gallon totes of apples and produce about 25 litres of juice.   You can can or freeze your juice.  Or make it into hard cider.  
Our press operator does the pressing with one member of your family assisting.   COVID protocols in place,  please bring a  mask.   
Suggested donation is $20 per time slot. Funds will be used to pay for operation and maintenance of the press.
Sign up for a time slot here 
Location: 888 Esling in Lower Rossland (in the Chinese Gardens at the top of the Wagon Road). Home of Larry Doell & Audrey Gerein.
Juicy apples and windfalls work best. If your apples are still too green to press,  let us know and we will try to run another pressing closer to the end of September.
Don't have apples?  Ask a neighbour if you can help with picking their trees or check out the Rossland Real Foods or Rossland Harvest Rescue Facebook pages to find people who have apples that need picking.  Pears and crab apples can also be pressed.
More info?  Contact Ann at adamude(at)telus.net.
This event is organized by Rossland Real Foods and supported by the Rossland Sustainability Commission and the City of Rossland.
Town: Rossland, BC
Venue: Outdoors at the home of Larry Doell & Audrey Gerein
Address: 888 Esling Drive in Lower Rossland (top of the Wagon Road)