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Looking to house sit for one month from April 17th - May 17th

Hey beautiful people from Rossland. 

Anyone vacating their homes and in search of a house sitter, between April 18th - May 17th??...


So here's my deal, I'm from the UK but moved to Rossland to be with my boyfriend, Mike Hopkins, he's a Rossland local and in April we're expecting our first little bundle of joy. 

Seeing as I'm from the UK, all my family are across the ocean. It's pretty heart breaking having them so far away at the best of times, let alone for such an important part of my life. Luckily my parents are taking a month off work for the first time EVER, and are coming from England to be with myself and Mike for the birth of our little Button (belly name).

Mike and I live at the top of town in the Leroy appartments, but don't have enough space for a new born, and my parents too. Is there anyone, who's vacating their home at any point between the dates of April 18th - May 17th? It would be great to find somewhere for my parents to stay for the entire month, but they're more than happy to move around if that isn't possible. 


Thank you so much, fingers crossed we can find them somewhere.

Big hugs from Traharn, Mike and little Button


Attached picture is of myself and Mike, with my parents Corinne and Graham :) xx