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March 3, 2018

 Urgent Notice - Partial Roof Collapse at Rossland City Hall

Please note that Rossland City Hall will be temporarily closed on Monday March 5 and Tuesday, March 6, 2018 due to a partial roof collapse at the building.

 For safety reasons, City Hall will be temporarily closed as noted above to the general public in order to complete a comprehensive structural engineering assessment of the building.

 A suitable temporary location to conduct City Hall operations is currently being reviewed at this time. When a decision is made on this temporary location, further information will be provided.

 We are sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause and thank everyone in advance for their patience and cooperation in this matter.


I'm surprised.
You would have thought that a building with a flat roof would be an ideal design for Rossland.

I don't think any of us who live in Rossland should be surprised if more roofs don't collapes under this present snow load. What is going to happen if we get an early rain that will add significantly to an already over loaded roof?


 Also,  I know of two homes that are having problems with cracking walls caused by snow load stress.  Luckily, the people had their roofs shovelled and cleared of snow before further damagng happened.  Others should be acutely aware of the damage an over loaded roof can cause to the rest of the house.

As for the city hall, I am happy to hear/read that no one was injured.