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Who damaged our van?

To the person who broke the mirror of our Chevy Astro van on Tuesday March 13th at Thompson Avenue:  Please text or call us: (236)8686187 or We're travellers and don't have a lot of money (just bought this van), it would be great if you take responsibility for this unintended accident!  

I'm sure we can work something out and would greatly appreciate your honesty! 


Sarah & Nico 



The same thing happened to our side mirror on the same street last week. Unfortunately people are driving way to close to other vehicles that have to suffer through on-street parking. It would be nice to hear the person involved to take responsibility for the damage.

I'm sorry this happened to you.  I know how discouraging that can be.  We live on Cook Ave and have had our mirrors vandaized on two occasions.  Once in December 2017 and another time in July 2016.  Each time, it happened to multiple vehicles within a block or two of ours.  Some of the mirrors were pulled from the housing, some of the mirrors were smashed and other times the housing and mirrors were damaged as well.  The RCMP were notified both times. Our vehicle is not parked on the paved road but on a parking pad off to the side of the road so it isn't a vehicle doing the damage. 

A few years ago, we and others on our street had a tire punctured in the sidewall of our vehicles.  That was really expensive because you cannot repair the sidewall and you have to replace the whole set.  It happened to two of our vehicles. 

Needless to say there is one or more bad apples in Rossland.  Perhaps parents can talk to their kids and let them know how costly this kind of vandalism can be.  It isn't like spray painting a concrete barricade, it can cost thousands of dollars.

I'm sorry this happened to you as well (couple times)!

Unintended accident happen, but at least people should take responsibility; leave a message or number...

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