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Dog poop

Yes, this is an old and weary subject.

The dog poop downtown has become unmanageable again.  Recently there was a fresh dump at the very entrance of Ferraros.  I had to tell customers "watch out', and zip in to let Jill know to have it removed.

Then there was another down the block by The Cellar.  What is going on?  The poop situation seemed to be better handled last year.

But the entrance to Ferraros?  Not cool.  Imagine feces being spread throughout the grocery store.  How utterly obscene.

I think we should resort to public shaming and possibly fecal throwing.  If a person sees another person blatantly ignoring their dog's crap, they should immediately raise a huge scene about it including, name calling, finger pointing and as a last resort, fecal throwing.  Because we've tried nearly everything else so far short of the extreme, so a little public shaming might go a long way.

Dstrelioff. You can’t do that. You will hurt someone’s feelings. 

What about the dog's feelings?  Has anyone ever thought about the feelings of the dogs when they're forced to defecate in public in plain veiw? Shame on the thoughtless owners who won't provide privacy for their pets to do their bussiness in.

None of that was helpful at all.  Creative, but not helpful.