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Clarification about the abandoned truck

A picture was posted last week about an abandoned truck to be given away as it was on someone's private property

I wish to clarify a few things.  A lot of fuss was made about this truck but the real issue of an extreme ice and snow overhang hazard has yet to be addressed.  This overhang is within the path of an emergency fire exit and directly above the product unloading area for Tails.  A patio next to this ice and snow overhang was wiped out by another batch of sliding ice and snow - mind you, that particular building is not owned by the person complaining about the truck, but it is a strong indicator of the damge that can occur and a possible fatality.

So I ask; what is more important?  A supposedly 'abandoned truck' or the chance that someone is going to get killed due to negligence?

*I don't know why the photo got rotated.  And I would like to post pictures of the obliterated patio.


You have some options here:


  1. If it's your property, you could clean the roof.
  2. If it's not your property, you could point out to the owners the potential danger posed by the snow.
  3. Don't stand under the cornice.
  4. Buy a diary and keep your thoughts in that rather than calling people out on social media. It's much easier to criticize, than be proactive.

It's apparent you did not really read my post.  Or perhaps you skimmed through it.  Maybe you need to read it again slowly to comprehend the body of the subject.

Perhaps you need to scroll back a few days on bhubble and see the owner of said property trying to give away an 'abandoneded'  vehicle on her 'private property'.  This has nothing to do with calling people out on social media...thnk about it...she tried to shame someone about their truck and give it away.

1) not my property - I'm not cleaning the roof

2) Pointed it out to the owner NUMEROUS times.

3) I warn everyone i see out there not to stand under the cornice, but you may have missed my message that an emergency fire exit is in the direct path of the cornice and the cornice is directly overhead of where Tails gets their products dropped off on pallets to be unloaded.  So who is negligent?  Tenants or landlords?

4) I'm not calling someone out on social media - no names mentioned, I'm clarifyling the shi****show that the landlord posted about giving away an 'abandoned vehicle' last week versus dealing with a potential fatality.