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Help! Witness to vandalized car in Rossland

Hey Rossland, just looking for any witness, or anyone with any information, to the vandalism of my car Sunday night. Anyone with any info, heard anything, any leads would be helpful. RCMP have already been informed. 



Feces was rubbed all over my car as it was parked at my house on the corner of Washington and Third ( across from Rossland collision).

What has happened to our beuatiful little City?!

I don't think it's fair to paint the entire town as the culprit.  All it takes is one person to cause this uproar.  I have enough dog poop in my driveway to compost into a two gallon pail of dirt.  We just need our Dick Tracy Bylaw Officer to clamp down on dogs running loose and people walking their dogs and allow their dogs to take crap where ever without picking up the feces.  

not sure of the connection here?  your saying this poor persons car was vandalized because you have dog poo in your driveway and the city is doing nothing about it?  wow thats weird




You really do have a comprehension problem.  Poor thing.  

That's not entirely fair, Les. I had to read your post a few times to figure out what your point was, and I can't make a connection to the OP either. Somebody did leave a bag of poop at a council meeting, are you "guessing" that's the point "the perp" was trying to make with that stunt? 

In the mean time, I'm going to take a shovel and bucket to Centennial Friday morning if anyone wants to join me in some spring cleaning!

Every time BHUBBLE has a bit of drama ikoric is right in it.

Good job ikoric now go shovel some poop!

Insulting the Bylaw officer who is limited in his time because of Mayor and councils decision on the budget for him. If you would like to see more Bylaw enforcement, then you need to address your Mayor and Council, be willing to pay more taxrs for services or better yet take an acive roll and see where your tax dollars go as it is Public information every single year. Insulting each other does not solve anything but further enforces the inability of communication and solving the issues we ALL struggle with. Create a citizen task force to deal with the irresponsible people who have a blatant disregard for even the most basic and obvious of rules when living in a community. But then again, they moved here to have their entitled "freedom" and do as they please with their dogs, garbage, parking and snow just to name a few.


They need a cut the by law officer ( don’t want anyone to loose job). Who cares about dog poo. I would rather dodge dog poo than pay more in taxes .

The original post is about vandalism and asking for witnesses. It has ZERO to do with dogs or with bylaw officers. It's just good etiquette to start your own thread if that's what you want to discuss.