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Suspicious Footprints in the Snow

Last night at around 1:00am (a guesstimation) on Thompson ave my dog was going crazy at the front window, but we honestly didn't think anything of it when a quick scan of the road was clear. When she was taken out this morning my mom noticed footprints in the snow going from our house, into my grandma's yard (we're neighbours), up to her kitchen window, and possibly to her back door. We are obviously pretty freaked out, especially since all of the reports lately of people's cars being vandalized and someone leaving "presents" at city hall. Not sure if anyone else has noticed a suspicious person(s) walking around in the middle of the night. Thought I'd put it out there so everyone can be aware. Luckily there is snow on the ground or we wouldn't have known someone was walking around the house.

That's it.
I'm picking up a Cabella's camera today.

We had someone ring our front door bell at about 10:30-ish on Sunday night,  we were just heading to bed, and when we got there no one was there....let our dog out and he was sniffing up a storm in the carport, edge of house, and out to the road area....about a half hour before that when we let the dog into the back yard to do his thing, he was "going berserk" compared to how he usually is, barking aggressively at something....we thought it might be a cat / squirrel /other dog etc. but he doesn't ever get THAT aggressive...and then the door bell went off sometime after we let him was a completely quiet night, and we are in the Pinewood area, just above Thompson from the highway....yes, time for security cameras....

Sad to hear this stuff happening. I miss the old days when we had a cop shop. :(

A dog barking and unexplained footprints...the cops can't protect us from paranoia. 

@Cal , I have never been paranoid in this town. I don't use this website, so I had no idea of all the things happening around town until I logged in to post this. I've never had anything but good experiences here, and if my front door manages to stay unlocked all night.. it's not that big of a deal. It's the fact that these footprints went up to the kitchen window that this person tried to get into. Pretty sure anyone would be paranoid is someone tried to break into their house. But thanks for the unnecessary input.