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Looking for people who want to host 2-3 hives on their fenced property

After two years of keeping  bees on a beautiful acreage near Rossland I am looking for a new place for my bees (2-3 hives). The owner of the acreage who kindly allowed me to keep my girls on his empty lot sold the property and I need to relocate my girls in spring when it will be a good timing for the bees.

Now I am  in search of people who want to have couple beehives on their property.

I am a victim of bear attack on beeyard (I lost all my bees in my first year) and installed an electric fence after that. So I am looking for fenced spot for them if it possible. If you would like to have 2-3 hives on your property or know people who might like it please let me know. I hope to find a new beautiful place for my well behaved girls.

Interested! How do we contact you?

hi! We would certaintly be able to help as well!  And happy to!  Please contact us, thanks, Paul & Danielle