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Bobsledders being sued - need witnesses/videos

We are looking for witnesses and videos  regarding an incident from the bobsled race in January 2017 where a lady got hit by a sled.  If you witnessed her repeatedly being asked to move off the course or have any videos of the incident can you please help.


A little help required here.....

Hey, I can post this on my business page, but can you give some contact info that doesn't require people logging in to Bhubble?


Yes please.  Post and share everywhere! 

If people want to be ananymous on bhubble, please message/email me on bhubble

@Amanda (and for anyone else) - you are able to email with any information. Thanks in advance - like everyone else we are hopeful this lawsuit won't ruin an event that has been important to this town for so many years. Witness statements/videos are the way you can do something about this! 

I sent you an Email a few days ago and not had a reply. 



could you tell us who you are and whose interest you represent? This is a complicated issue and and emotional one. Please be transparent in why you are asking (other than saving bobsledding for all).

thanks Rita 

She was behind the yellow barrier when she was hit. 


thats what my video clearly shows

...or I should say she was behind the barrier as the sled was coming then she ran for her life and was struck just beside the barrier. 


To be the opposing voice, that is not what I saw in a video of the event. The view that I saw showed her on the course in front of the barrier with two other people on the corner of the arena. They all ran to get out of the way but she was hit being boxed in by the bank behind and the two people scrambling out of the way beside her. I did not see any broken or crossed barrier as the sled hit the wall of snow from the arena roof on the corner. I do not have that video but I hope whoever does has forwarded it along. You can't be a member of the community without knowing and accepting that some risk is involved even as a spectator at an event like this, and as a volunteer I can certainly attest to the fact that people don't listen to repeated requests to stay behind barriers and fences while spectating at this event. It's not that complicated, in my view, that the parties being sued are looking for public support, and I don't think transparency is necessary here as its headed to court. Certainly it is emotional, but when you sue a city and individuals who clearly had no intention of causing harm (and who suffered grievous harm themselves) you open yourself up to public scrutiny.

I can't believe this lady is suing over something that was an obvious accident. All this greedy person deserves to win in court is a Darwin award.

Would she sue a cow at the running of the bulls in Pamplona? Would she sue a wooden log at the Onbashira festival in Japan?Would she sue a wheel of cheese in Gloucester?

She chose to spectate a historical tradition that is prestigious for its thrilling sense of danger (that is the appeal, right? Heavy objects moving at fast speeds, isn't that basically what she came for?) and she chose to stand in an obviously risky location. It is the bobsled driver's individual responsibility to steer down a course as fast as possible and not hit any of the hundreds of spectators. It is the spectators individual responsibility to stay out of the way of ONE object moving down a very well defined path. The bobsled driver was doing his best at driving, the city of Rossland was doing it's best at keeping people safe, but clearly this negligent lady was doing a shitty job at spectating. Everyone makes mistakes in life, but only real a**holes try to sue someone else to make up for it.

I agree this is a controversial and emotional issue and I do not wish to offend anyone except the lady who is suing. You had ONE job.

tucs2, please send me your video.  I don't think it is of the same incident!  Your feelings do not change reality.


We are the members of Big Joe bobsled team and we are all being personally sued, along with the City, Winter Carnival, the security company, and the security guard that TOLD HER TO MOVE AT LEAST 4 TIMES!


We all know what happened.  We know the truth.  We just want to prove to the judge what really happened.

@RMac - Unfortunately the particulars of this lawsuit do not allow us to be completely transparent as we clearly have to look out for our own interests. You don't need to remind me of the complexity or emotion of this accident. My partner broke his leg and was off work for close to a year. After that financial hardship we now face being personally sued.  We are simply asking for anyone with video footage or statements confirming what everyone already knows to come forward.