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BobSled Accident picture.

Hi Common,

It looks like the barrier had been moved... looking at the line of barricades it doesn't match up with the others.  Although the person with the arrow is indeed behind it....the person also looks like s/he might have possibly moved it by a couple feet (s/he is standing directly beside with hip touching).  It also looks like s/he was watching the race and could have moved to avoid injury. 


This is just my opinion, I'm sorry if it offends.

Just posting a picture. I have no opinion.




  Those are all speculative comments which mean nothing.

I was maybe 15ft from it and she ran out into the course not away from the barrier like everyone else standing there. It became obvious the sled was going to crash a fair while before any impacts. We literally couldnt beleive she ran that way and called it before she was hit. Seriously dumb move! Shocking (but beleivable,) hearing shes now trying to sue for her own stupidity!

The videos are great and some other still shots.  It shows the bobsled stay to the left of the barrier and the woman run towards the middle of the track.  Tha is how she ended up in the middle of the road.

Actually I will get the video up on YouTube tomorrow. The bobsled actually does not go to the left of the barrier it DETROYS the barrier. If she didn't move the way she did she would be dead right now. The Bob sled contacted the people to her left. If she went that way it would have been  way worse for her. 

No, actually if she did not move she would have not been touched. Say whatever, i have the pictures and video.  Sovual media and feelings do not change facts. P

Plus the barrier was moved and she was asked to move so whatever.